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[QUOTE=ursulac;3012963]hello.thanks for that.I must actually remeber to keep her original plaster moulds for her.they did explain a year ago that they are reluctant to do it before she is 12.they only do the op in circumstances that really warrant it.the degree of deformity is severe9app 20deg out)...normally seen in a person over the age of 60.Her big toes are already crossing over the second and facing out.she is not using her big toe at all so has developed arthritis in all the other toes.She also gets itchy from the toes crossing.The OS says they are alot more aggressive with her age as the chance of it raccurring is 40%.For that reason they will be using extra screws abd pins and she will have to be off her feet alot longer than an adult.I will let you know how the op goes see.[/QUOTE]

My Big toes overlap my second toes too. Cant remember the exact angle my surgeon said (i can find out) but he seemed pretty shocked. I had pins put in at 10 years old to straighten them out And while he was there he removed my bunions. I now have lovely scars 7cm long on the side of each foot. sadly it did not work and i have bunions once more and the angle of the overlapping increased :( i now have useless pins in my foot :yawn: he is contemplating redoing it in the future but atm im waiting for an ankle arthroscopy which is next month so thats a priority. i was only three years older than your daughter when i had my bunions/pins done and was in a wheelchair for a while... strangely i did not get bored my friends were brilliant. Ive just staRted knitting which is great because its fun and something you can do whilst in hospital or bedrest or whatever... im making a blanket atm for oxfam :D when i was 10 i kept myself entertained by watching videos, tv, going shopping in my wheelchair with my mum, drawing, knitting, sewing things, cross stitch, colouring in, reading books/magazines, listening to music... even cooking if mum put a tray on my knee to lean on... im sure theres lots you could do to keep her busy. you probs wont be able to do much in the way of exercise with her you need to see a physio about that... but make sure she moves her legs every so often to prevent a blood clot forming. i hope all goes well tomorrow with your daughter.

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