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I'm very new to the message boards and decided to join today. I was hoping to get some feed back on this subject. I'm almost 4 months post bunion surgery. I was just seen today by a lymphedema theraphist for swelling in my right foot from having bunion surgery. I had a bunion down from my big toe that is still pretty swollen and still tender. Also, I had a bunion down from my little toe. That one really is not bothering me but is also still a little swollen.

All I can wear is tennis shoes. I cannot fit my foot into any other shoe and I work in an office. On top of this I just started a new job. The therapist fitted me with a compression stocking to help bring down the swelling. I was wondering if anyone has had this problem after around 4 months and what you did to help the swelling and if anyone has seen one of these therapist and if it helped.
Hi sweetpea,

I am 5 months out from bunion surgery and I am [U]still[/U] dealing with some swelling. It bothers me most when I have a closed toe shoe on, my foot feels really hot and I have to get that shoe off now. It varies, sometimes it takes an hour or even more before this happens and other times I may only have shoes on for a short time and it flares up. But in comparison to a few months ago, I have to say it has improved. And unlike before when I couldn't stand to wear a sock, I'm finding that more comfortable now. It is not fun and unfortunately I have heard that this can go on for quite awhile. I have tried many things: ice, elavation, anti-inflammatory ointments, Advil, massage, and although these things help somewhat, I think it's just one of those things that only time will cure. Will you be meeting with this lymphedema therapist again? Did this person think the swelling should have subsided by now? I am curious what else they can do/recommend for the swelling besides using a compression stocking. Please keep us posted and let us know how you make out. Take care.
Hi sweatpea - I'm so glad you decided to join. I had a Lapidus buionectomy with shortening of the second toe back in October and I hate to say this but I still occasionally get some residual swelling. Usually if I sit for long periods of time. The swelling is definitely 99.99% better then it was. I just saw the pod last week and he said he is not surprised because he did a lot of work on my foot. I found the compression stockings did help alot although the first ones I had didn't seem to have enough compression so I had to get heavier ones. Also if you can elevate the foot of your bed that helps tremendously at night. You can get 6" bed risers and put them under the legs at the foot of the bed. It was first recommended by a vascular dr for my husband's leg swelling and really helped when I had the foot surgery. I also did some physical therapy and the exercises I was given for at home helped too, plus just plain old "time".

Good luck and keep us posted on your progress.

Mary in NY
I'd like to thank everyone that replied. I have been doing pt a home. I haven't the past week too much with starting a new job but I will definitely continue too. I am meeting with the lymphodema doctor again, I will be calling her tomorrow. The compression stockings are not helping so far but I'm going to talk to her about that. She did tell me that if they didn't help a lot that she'll have me to wrap each toe and then the foot. Not sure about that but I'll let you all know. Thanks!

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