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Hi MB-

I had a chevron bunionectomy 5 weeks ago and just started walking and doing my toe exercises last week. By Tuesday I'm supposed to be able to start wearing a shoe. I didn't believe it when the doctor told me, but now I think it might actually be possible. It gets easier to walk every day, my toe is slowly getting more flexible, and the swelling has gone down a lot. Trust me--you'll notice a lot of change in the next few weeks. The first day of weight-bearing was hard and I could scarcely put 1/4 of my weight on my foot, but two days later I had ditched my crutches for good. A week later I can go about my normal activities around the house. I'm not quite ready to go out yet, but I can at least take care of myself now.

About the twitching--I know EXACTLY what you're talking about. When I was still NWB, my foot would twitch just as I was about to drift off to sleep. It would hurt sooo much because it caused me to bend my toes all the way forward (while the pins were still in), and sometimes it was so bad that I was scared to fall asleep again! I told my doctor about it and he prescribed a muscle relaxer for me. It really helped. I have had peaceful sleep ever since! Ask your dr. and maybe s/he can do the same.

The throbbing is probably from all the new activity. I didn't have any throbbing, just some really nasty nerve pains on the tip of my toe. From what I understand, it's all part of the territory and will resolve itself in due time.

It really is long and hard, but each week it gets better. Good luck!

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