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That is what finally worked for me, arch supports. I have a high arch and the podiatrist I was seeing made me "custom" orthotics that apparently were not correct to address the problem. I spent thousands of dollars on various treatments before I finally found what worked for me.

For anyone who has a high arch and plantar fasciitis, here is what my new wonderful doc told me to do.

1) Buy arch supports that are flush against your arch. You should not be able to get your finger in between the arch support and your arch. You can buy these arch supports for about $40 at REI. No expensive orthotics necessary. Mine are called Superfeet. I have another pair that you can warm in the oven to conform to your foot called Sole, I haven't done that yet but they're only about $45. Compare that to $300+ for custom orthotics.
The best shoe I have found for a high arch, Birkenstocks...yes, I know they're ugly but who cares if you are pain free!

2) Wear a night splint as tight as you can tolerate it. I continued this until I was pain free, then I stopped.

3) Stretching exercises. Stand on a step and let your heel drop down. Hold that position for about 10 minutes, or as long as you can. This gives those tendons a good long stretch, using your body weight. Most stretching exercises that podiatrists prescribe are not enough, not enough stretch and not held for enough time.

Now that I've saved you several thousand dollars in medical bills, send your donations to.....LOL.

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