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I had a closing base wedge osteotomy 3 weeks ago. I have been noticing a lot of differences in the way other people's doctors are going about the procedure and recovery. I had no cast placed, just a dressing, which he removed after the second week. I have absolutely nothing on my foot now except a sock. I have been told to put a walking boot on when I'm up with crutches and to not bear weight but he also said I would be non-weight bearing for only 4 weeks. I have been hearing about others who go 8-10 weeks of non-weight bearing and have had a cast.

I express these concerns to my doctor but he just waves his hand and says he always lets people bear weight in a wooden shoe after 4 weeks. He has been doing the base wedge procedure for 17 years. I am really worried though because everything I read says that the complications for post-op elevation of the toe and non-union of the bone happen when you bear weight before 6 weeks.

Any feedback?
Make sure he takes an x-ray after 4 weeks to see if there is union of the bone. You are lucky you don't have to wear a cast. Don't bump your foot or put weight on it, you could mess up the union. I had a cast for 6 weeks, it was awful. If he has success with 4 weeks NWB, maybe that works.

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