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Believe it or not, I did not have PT after my fusion. I can remember my PT when I first fractured my ankle, though. I know my pain really escalated when I went there. I used to pop a pain pill on the way there (it was a 30 min drive). It usually kicked in right when I needed it. However, the water therapy was much easier. Once I started that I didn't hurt so bad. The massaging can be painful when the therapist really pushes it. I've always heard that PT is to protect the range of motion of the joint. Are you going to have much range of motion? I wish my dr would have sent me to PT just to get used to walking with the joint fused. It has really been an adjustment for me. I went to see a physiatrist a couple of months ago for some pain in my hips and my back. She was amazed that I hadn't gone to PT after not walking in a shoe for about 9 months. I have been walking really funny with my foot pointing out at an angle I don't think it was because of my ankle, but more because of my big toe being crooked. I didn't have anything to push off with, so I was pushing off with the ball of my foot. My last surgery was supposed to fix it but I'm not sure it is going to work. The top portion of my toe is still crooked and the joint is still incredibly stiff, so I still can't flex it or push off with it. It has been 7 weeks since my surgery. I expected to be doing better by now. Arrrrgh.
Anyway, this post is really about you. If I were you and getting ready to go on vacation I would make sure I took my crutch with me (maybe even both just in case you have a bad day). With one cruch, I bet you will do just fine. There is so much beauty to soak in on the islands, I don't think your husband or the other couple will be in that much of a hurry to run around. You all might just enjoy laying on the beach or by the pool at your hotel. Just remember if you are actually making an intinerary for the time you are there, for each day you spend running around or doing very active things take some time that evening or the next morning to rest, ice and elevate. Anytime you have between activities should be spent elevating and icing as well. The more you keep the swelling under control the more your pain will be under control. You may want to ask your dr for a prescription of vicodin to have just in case you need it for PT or a rough day on your vacation.
I hope things continue to go well for you. Feel free to ask any questions and keep posting!

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