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Bunion surgery
Oct 30, 2002

I had bunion surgery Monday 10/21/02.
I had my left bone broken and screwed and big toe broken with a pin inserted and some sort of lengthening thing inserted.
My problem has not been with surgery itself, it's the side effects.
I have very weak ankles. I have had difficulty with walking on my heel using side supports.
The surgerical shoe is a lttle too wide. They are dang slippery!! Last week I went to the bathroom in the middle of the night and landed wrong on heel. My arch turned black, blue and green and was really hurting.
It (the arch bruising) has healed and I have back the pain pills and can feel that the bone is fine. My toe wiggles just fine.
However in order to walk at all, because of my weak arch and weak ankles, I have a towel stuffed in the shoe to make it fit better and have it closed up tight. It feels like a cement block on my foot.
My fear is that the bones will heal and the arch and ankle will still be weak.
I expected better recovery after 9 days.
No one really gave me a estimate of what to expect, or rather, they did, and they all wildly varied.
Please can anyone tell me about their experiences, perhaps helful hints (wearing the arch support heped also using ruta graveolens (spelling?) a homeopathic drug made for joint injuries. Please tell me I am going to walk normally again and that it will be worth it.
My doctor is off for the month back east and was not helpful with the recovery end of it.
Thanks for any reassurance and tips out there.


Thanks from Lee in Minneapolis

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