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I am a 41-yr. old male who has been lately feeling this burning sensation under my feet. It can also be described as standing on dull pins for a long time and now the sole of your feet hurts/burns. I was noticing it at nights, after work and work shoe is off and I am at home relaxing. I thought it was tired feet, but it has become regular. I was recently hospitalized for 2 days (unrelated matter) and was pretty much in bed all 2 days, but my feet still burned. I now feel the burning sensation during the day and at night. I feel it everywhere under both feet, except my toes and arch. I was even given 1000mg painkiller while hospitalized (fever reducer/painkiller), and it had no effect on the burn sensation. I suspect that standing on ice might be the only solution, but haven't tried it yet. Please, does anyone know what it is that's wrong with me, and any solution for my situation?? Thanks.

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