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I have a hammertoe and bunion. The big toe is starting to overlap the hammertoe, which is on the 2nd toe.I went to a podiatrist, but people told me to find an orthopedic surgeon instead. The podiatrist took an x-ray and said I need surgery.

After reading the horror stories on this board, I am reluctant to go through surgery. I also am scared because I work for myself and can't afford to be out of work for a month or two. I have read about splints if the toe can still be bent into normal position. I slept with and used a tow separator for a while and this helped. Today the hammertoe hurts again, though because I did a lot of walking and wore heavy socks because of the cold weather, probably squeezed the toe. I am icing it and will take ibuprofen.

Has anyone treated their hammertoe non-surgically with any success? Pardon the long post but I am scared and this hurts! I can deal with the bunion acting up, a little ice does it but the hammertoe hurts worse. Any advice would be appreciated. Also, even if I eventually do the surgery, how can I ease this pain..anything else besides ice and ibuprofen? Did anyone ever have this pain and then it goes away for a while? Thanks.

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