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A few weeks ago, I started noticing an intense burning sensation in my toes when I'm in warm bathwater. (I kneel to wash my hair under the faucet; my toes burn/ tingle for a moment after I stand upright.)

A week ago, I noticed red spots (look like blood or raw spots) on parts of my toes (on top, bottom and in between). These areas are sensitive (sometimes slightly puffy) to rubbing on my shoes or when I walk barefoot on the carpet.

Several nights prior to noticing the red/ sore spots, I'd worn my socks to bed; my feet were warm and sweaty as a result. I'm praying this is a version of athlete's foot I've not before experienced. (I'd hate to have something more serious.)

I've been using an athlete's foot spray for five days; I feel no real improvement, which is why I'm scared. I begin a new job on Monday and don't feel that I can take off work to start seeing a doctor for my foot issues.

I'm scared that this could be a more serious medical issue. If you have any ideas, please advise me!

As if this issue weren't enough, I also suffer from fallen arches, plantars warts and bunions. Oy!



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