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Painful big toe
Apr 11, 2003
Hello all! :wave:

I have had foot problems for a long time. I have EXTREMELY flat feet! I wear prescription orthotics all day, every day. Over the years I have been very clumsy and have had several broken toes which have been treated by my podiatrist. I have had two ingrown toenail surgeries as well. My toes are constantly cracking when I walk (like if I crack my knuckles). I have very weak ankles which sometimes cause me pain and occasionally give out on me when I am walking down a flight of stairs. I also get a lot of foot cramps, especially in my arches. So that is my history of foot prolems.

But this is my new problem..... I am on my feet a lot because I am a student teacher. I wear very comfortable shoes that give me good support. Today, I felt great all day. I sat down to eat lunch, and when I got up my big toe on my right foot was really really hurting. I went down to pick up my class from lunch and by the time I got back up to the room I could hardly even walk. I sat down for the rest of the day and my toe felt OK as long as I wasn't putting any pressure on it. The weird thing was that even though it caused me a lot of pain I could bend it and move it, but at the same time I felt like I did not have the full range of motion, almost like something was out of place. So, at the end of the day I hobbled down the stairs and limped to my car. Since it was my right foot, driving made it much worse. I got home, took my shoe off and noticed that the area on the side of my foot by the big toe, right where the toe meets the foot, was somewhat swollen and bruised. This is very very strange, since I did NOT bang it, stubb it, or drop anything on it. All I was doing was sitting down eating lunch and when I got up to walk it started to hurt. Stepping down on it is what hurt the most. Anyway, I took some ibuprofen, put some ice on it and elevated it for a while. The ice made it hurt much more. But after a while the cold deadened the nerves a little bit. I only kept the ice on for about 10-15 minutes. Well, after laying down for about 2 hours with it elevated, I got up and hobbled around the house a little bit, still in an awful lot of pain. When I went back and sat down on my bed, I put my foot up and was trying to wiggle my toe a little bit. I felt something pop when I was wiggling it, and then it didn't hurt anymore, at all. Now I can walk on it with no problem. It just aches a little bit and feels a tiny bit sore to the touch, whereas before the pain was radiating up my entire foot and I couldn't even touch it lightly. Very very strange.

What could this have been?

Is it possible that I took a wrong step and dislocated my big toe, and then when I was wiggling it I popped it back into place? I tried to go see my podiatrist today but he was not in. Hopefully I'll get to see him tomorrow. The pain was absolutely excruciating. What can I do to prevent this from happening again?

Also, is it possible that my orthotics are not giving me enough support and caused this to happen, or that my shoe irritated my foot in some way?

If my podiatrist takes an x-ray, will he be able to tell if I dislocated it and then it popped back in on its own? Will he be able to see that on the x-ray?

Sorry for all the questions. I am just thoroughly confused here! Thanks a lot,


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