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Bilateral bunions
Oct 26, 2007
I have moderately-sized bunions to both feet. Have had them forever and have two strikes against me...many years dancing in pointe shoes and heredity. My mother has them, but not as badly as mine (she didn't dance). About a year and a half ago, I saw an orthopod about them. At the time they were not painful. The young, conservative doctor basically said, "My wife's look like yours. I suggest you wait to have surgery when they start to cause pain." Well, 1 1/2 years of nursing later, they are sore and red...especially after a 12-hour shift. It is not excruciating. My days off I hardly notice them. I guess my questions are these: 1) Should I wait until they hurt all the time to have the surgery? 2) Despite the size of my bunions, my big toes are almost as straight as they can possibly be. Is an osteotomy with realignment always necessary? Or can they just do a shaving? (I know, a popular question.) I also ask this because I have absolutely no joint pain, just superficial pain.

PS I already wear the widest shoes available and am very kind to my feet!
RE: Or can they just do a shaving? I've heard over and over that shaving is only a temporary fix, but maybe if your toes are straight, it would work for you. I had bunions for about thirty years-- Also always heard that you shouldn't get them fixed until it was absolutely necessary. Well, the question is when is that? What degree of pain is the cut off? I don't think many people ever get to the point where they have pain from bunions [I]all[/I] the time; in fact it may not get substantially worse-- But it will definitely never get better!

For a variety of reasons, I waited too long and finally started to also develop pain on the top of my foot, caused by my bent toes pulling various foot parts (bones, ligaments...) out of place and arthritis was setting in. Even though my feet were pretty bad and the results of surgery would probably have been better years ago, I'm quite satisfied with how my bilateral bunionectomy turned out. Not only are my feet pain-free, but even stiffness I used to have walking first thing in the morning is gone. If you don't mind my asking, how old are you? Is this a good time in your life for you to be off your feet for a while? (Job, dependents, support, insurance, etc.) I'd consider getting a second opinion. Good luck!
if the bunions are altering your life style, then go for the surgery. you were a dancer and it sounds like an active person. pain was my factor. you have to also decide when you can take time off. they will never get better.

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