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Dear Rwood1948,

Thanks for writing your experiences. I too had the cortisone injections that were not terribly successful. It was great for the first few weeks but then it slowly came back to reality. I have tried ankle braces (the elastic kind) that seem to help keep the midfoot area contained when I am on my feet. I remove them when I am sitting for any length of time so as to allow normal blood flow. They seem to help me alittle.

Although I am middle aged, I feel that I am walking like the old Tim Conway skit on the Carol Burnett show. I do not get far but in time I get there. I find using a cane helps although it was a real mental challenge to get started with it. I also take Tylenol before the pain develops to any great extent rather than chasing it after it starts. It seems to work better.

As for the pain, my pain is a sharp shooting pain that is lke someone putting a hot poker into my foot and it radiates both down to my toes and up the side of my leg. I assume that it is due to a nerve being agitated near the tarsal/metatarsal joint area as the bones abraid one another in use. When it is milder, it is a constant burning pain.

Have you heard anything about after surgery walking abilities on uneven surfaces?
You also mentioned "pros" plural. My surgeon only said one pro..... no pain. (Although I am not convinced about that now either).

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