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:jester: Just had surgery for bunion, hammertoe and back of leg (can't remembe what you call what he did) on right foot. Have had bunion for 30 some years, which eventually led to the hammertoe and my decision to go through this process.

Surgery was on October 24, 2007 by a orthopaedic surgeon. In hospital overnight, just to be sure I elevated properly, etc. It is now 4 days after surgery. I have been on the couch with foot elevated all that time. I use my crutches and walker to get to the bathroom and to bed. My husband gets me meals, etc. I take pain meds when needed. They held me sleep at night because my body and head get sore from just laying around.

I am an active 61 year old female and I had started a workout program at the gym in April. The most difficult part of this is being inactive and the fear of getting out of shape during the healing/recovery process. I am currently in a splint and on Nov 8 will move to a cast for 6 weeks. At 12 weeks I will get a boot. These time frames could be shorter depending upon how I progress. He also said that there is healing and recovery. You can heal in 6 months but recovery could take longer. Those who have the most problems are those who "do too little" and those who "do too much."

I am hoping to do what the doc says to ensure that my healing/recovery progress as they should. It won't be easy I know, but I definitely do not want a "do over!

I thought it might be useful to others to chronicle my journey, but I also have questions as I move along tha I hope others taking this journey can answer as well.

1) When is it practical to return to work? My husband and I own our mfg business and it is important that I be there. I am at my desk a lot. I need to be able to work and keep the foot elevated.

2) How do you shower and put on makeup, etc.?

3) How can you maintain your body's integrity while being immobile for possibly 12 weeks?

I decided against the knee scooter because it didn't appear to be as stable as the crutches and walker. Any input on these modes of mobility? Which works best at work?

I do plan on doing pool therapy when I get my cast off. The doc recommended it as a way to keep the body moving. I am also hoping that at some point I can start some type of exercise - upper body, etc. to keep as active as possible. Any input on how you have been able to keep active throughout this process?

Looking forward to hearing how everyday life and work is managed during this long healing/recovery process. I hope my experience will help others going through this process as well.

Upward and onward!


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