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Hello Amy!

Thank you for your reply :-)

I hope I am not throbbing too much after four weeks, actually the only thing I hope is that my bone hasn't moved out of place and the surgery is a success, especially after trying to climb the stairs on my heel, because the stairs aren't wide enough to get a whole foot on there! I sometimes wish I had a screw in there I am so so scared of it moving out of place, I go in for a check up next friday- xrays and stitiches removed.

I am a bit worried because I struggle very much to bend my foot up to walk on my heel, it feels very stiff and again I am worrried of moving the bone. Is it normal to feel stiff? I Tend to use both crutches and lift the left foot above the ground. I also feel sick and light headed if I stand for too long, I am off the pain meds. In fact today was the best because it didn't even ache, but it's now 4:30pm so it's begining to ache just a little and the nerves twitch every now and then! Very annoying! But please tell me the ankle/foot stiffness is normal!

Many thanks
[QUOTE=stepbystep89;3308376]I am now 7 days out from my bunionectomy. I have had troubles with pain mgmt, but the last couple of days have been better.
However, last night I woke up in the middle of the night with the biggest pain in my baby toe on the same foot that was operated on. It felt like someone had taken a hammer to it. I'm not sure why.
Also, the top of my foot near the place hwere my bunion used to be really hurts when I touch it.
Have you had pain similar to this? The big toe that has the pins sticking out of it hasn't had much pain at all. The others have hurt the worst.
One more thing, my ankle has been aching since the surgery. It hurts at the very center of the joint. It feels like the bone pain I had last year when I had the staph infection. I hope this is normal for a bunionectomy and not a sign that the infection has returned. Has your ankle hurt at all?
I am glad to hear things are going well for you!

Hello Step,

I am sorry to hear that you are still in pain :( I was never in pain from the day of my surgery, but I did experience intense aching and throbbing, but never any pain. Around the seven day mark, this calmed down, but my leg would ache, and during those past seven days I awoke every night from the aching, I am now 15 days post-op and I still occasionally wake up and suffer from a leg ache not foot ache. The nerves still spark up! The little toe, I know what you mean, and I have no idea why, but that went after seven days, I thought they operated on it, because it felt worse than the bunion area!My ankle is slightly aching right now, and that is normal, but no pain. I did elevate my foot all the time for two weeks and never walked on it, even though I could've heel walked. I've only just started heel walking.

Have you tired taking Ibuprofen for the pain? You shouldn't be in any pain now, perhaps you could ask you doctor. But do keep elevating the foot, it really helps as does the ice :) I hope you feel well soon. Please feel free to ask any questions.

I will just give an update: I am now 15 days post-op and had my stitches out yesterday. I will not put anyone off and everyone is different, but as for me, the big baby, it hurt so much! I had five stitches, and the threads were thick and the last four stitches hurt to take out. When the nurse cleaned it, that hurt also. It was so sore after and still is today, and for me that was the worse experience out of it all. The foot was re-bandaged lightly, no padding, just something between and around the toe. My foot feels lighter and now I know why my foot was to heavy for my leg! The nurse looked at the xrays and said it looks ok, but the doctor will need to look at it, and may have to go back should there be anything wrong. My toe is so straight, it was weird in a good way, although it does lean lower than the rest of the toes. I still can't bath because it's bandaged :( It will be another four weeks until I can. I haven't been told to do any toe exercises and I will not be given any PT, bearing in mind that I may not see the Doctor for four weeks, I'm a bit worried about that.

Lastly, swelling is minimal and I can sit down normally without the foot swelling up, which is a relief. There is less tingling and throbbing, just the soreness from yesterday stitches removal. Using the crutches is very tiring and is very frustrating, I wish I could use just one, but I find it difficult, does any one use just the one and heel walk?

Any questions please ask :)
Thank you
Thank you for replying :)

Day 17:
My doctor called today and said everything is fine with the xray, only today when I was heel walking up the stairs, I heard a kinda of thump/click in my foot, but it didn't hurt at all, so I hope everything is ok again! But it feel a bit like pins and needles right now. It's so difficult to be careful, I really struggle with this. I am heel walking a lot better now, but sometimes I accidentally thump my heel on the ground which doesn't feel too good! I don't have to see the doctor for another four weeks, so no bath/shower until them:(

Yesterday I went out shopping for a little while to by a birthday present, but I soon gave up after 20mins and waited in the card (Mum drove) because it was too tiring using the crutches, I don't even know if I'll ever use just the one. My hands are very sore and I have to walk very slowly when I heel walk.

I still wake up in the night from my leg aching. It's so intense, does anyone take anything herbal for this, I don't want to take medication, because I will be taking it every night.

I can't see myself going back to work in two weeks and may have to ask for another two weeks which isn't good at all.

stepbystep89, I am glad your mind is at rest, although your ankle and leg may not be for some time!! It is very strange and I was tempted to go to the doctors, but it all calmed down :) How are you getting along?

thank you
[QUOTE=dbgoalie;3321064]DarkLight, concerning your fear of going back to work too soon, is it possible to have your doctor keep you out of work? What I mean is that in the US, for most companies, when you are out for an extended amount of time (usually more than 3 consecutive days) you have to have a doctors note clearing you to return to your work duties. It kind of sounds like school in a way, but it also protects the company, so that they know they can ask you to resume your normal workload. The doc said you can work, so now here is your work, and if you can't do it, you can't sue the company saying that the company put too much work on you in your medical condition. Does that make sense? In my case, after both my prior operations, after 6 weeks my doctor gave me a note that was turned over to my HR department that outlined what I could and couldn't do at work. I was still walking with a cane, so I couldn't carry anything at work for another 4 weeks. So that was outlined in the note, no carrying items for 4 weeks. I was also given clearance to elevate my foot as needed (when reasonable, obviously I should be at my own desk, not in a board meeting), so it was written in the note that I be allowed to elevate my foot as needed. Maybe in the UK the same thing exists, the need for doctor's clearance to return to work? If you are not ready, maybe your doc can prescribe another week or two of home time?[/QUOTE]

Hi dbgoalie!

Thank you for replying! We do have those notes, we call them 'sick notes'! I was given one for a week, but the thing is I am a freelancer/self-employed, so the sick note wouldn't really do anything. My boss is very understanding, but with one of the staff members leaving makes it a little complicated. I think I will talk to him, because at the moment I am working from home. Prior to the surgery I asked the nurse if it is possible to go back to work after four weeks and she said ideally you should take 6-8 weeks off, but just listen to your body, and my body is telling me to be lazy and careful! I work in the city (a desk job), and quite frankly, the people who commute to work are careless and always in a hurry!
[QUOTE=Dark_Light;3321068]Hi dbgoalie!

Thank you for replying! We do have those notes, we call them 'sick notes'! I was given one for a week, but the thing is I am a freelancer/self-employed, so the sick note wouldn't really do anything. My boss is very understanding, but with one of the staff members leaving makes it a little complicated. I think I will talk to him, because at the moment I am working from home. Prior to the surgery I asked the nurse if it is possible to go back to work after four weeks and she said ideally you should take 6-8 weeks off, but just listen to your body, and my body is telling me to be lazy and careful! I work in the city (a desk job), and quite frankly, the people who commute to work are careless and always in a hurry![/QUOTE]
hi , i still say going barefott is not good for the feet! i hope you can work it out so you can take more time off. you will know when you are ready.
Hi wmkkcolors,

I am glad to have helped you; I hope I can continue to do so. :)

At present, I am 3 months and one week post-op and I am doing very well, of course, my toe is still stiff and I can feel it when I walk. Yesterday, I wore my converse for the first time since my op (I was wearing wide sneakers/skate shoes from week six), I had been trying to wear flat dress shoes since I got the go ahead to walk without crutches and my foot was always too swollen and it hurt a bit on the incision area, although the swelling in general is minimal. The thing is, I always tried on flat dress shoes at around 4pm, and that is when the swelling kicks in, kind of like puffy feet! So, at present, I haven’t worn dress shoes, but I could with some discomfort, however I would worry about damaging the foot. I thought I would mention that I never worse shoes that was one size up, but, I did try on some flats dress shoes one size up and it felt kind of ok, but I needed the cushioning that sneakers provide.

During the sixth week, I started my toe exercises, unfortunately in London they don’t offer PT to bunion patients, so of course during the sixth week, I was a little scared, but each day I became more vigorous, and believe me, it really did help, I think I was quite advanced in my ability to manually flex my toe. The bone is pretty much fused during the sixth week and over the next two weeks it becomes stronger. So, don’t be afraid. I was vigorous enough to put my foot into a sneaker two days after I started my own toe exercises, before that I could get my foot in my widest sneaker. I never felt any pains doing the exercises, just queasy and a bit of discomfort, but all tolerable.

Don’t worry wmkcolours; as soon as you can get your foot in a sneaker, you can start wearing them. The only reason it took two days post-toe exercise to get my foot in is that my toe couldn’t bend enough to allow my foot in the shoe. Also remember, I never had any pins, screws, plates, nothing in my foot to keep the toe in place, nor did I wear a cast, just a bandage with some padding to keep the toe in place, which was all taken off at week four. So, don’t be afraid, you will get there.

Since I have started work, I haven’t been able to do my toe exercise as often as I should and this has slowed me down, I don’t think I will get more than 70% of my flexibility back, but I am going to try my best to keep doing these exercises. I walk completely normal now, but I still find it a bit difficult to step down with my left foot first (I think it’s psychological). Also, if I have been sitting down for too long and I get up to walk, the whole foot feels stiff, but it disappears quickly. The only thing left now, is to increase my toe flexibility, wait for that weird feeling along the joint area to go when I walk, and to walk for long distances without it feeling sore. The bony feeling is disappearing; I can barely feel it, which is a huge relief.

I hope this helps, please feel free to ask any questions you wish to ask and I will answer them for you.

Take care
Hi! Thank you all for being so encouraging :)

Teddie, I am glad I give you hope, because the recovery is rather long and the foot goes through many weird stages, it’s so unpredictable. Even my right foot is going through different stages to the left! I am quite lucky because I do not have any hardware in my foot, but I have read on the board, some people have no problems with them. I hope you aren’t still worried about your stitches because it is ok to keep them in there for three weeks :)

Badfeet51, you aren’t far behind me! I think they might take yours out, if you are afraid of the pain, you can take some Ibuprofen, I took two about 40 mins before my appointment, I think it helped, it was 90% less painful than last time! I do agree the recovery isn’t that bad in some ways, it really is the immobility that is bothersome, The time does go by quite quickly as well, I have another four weeks until I can walk FWB, doesn’t seem too bad! Lol we want to be superwomen where recovery is concerned!

Tammy, Congrats to you too! We are both exactly 13 days post-op and it is great to compare notes :) It does feel good to have them out, funnily our recovery and previous recovery sounds identical. I did have an infection 3.5 wks post op, and right now, my incision isn’t fully healed! I do have specks of blood where the stitches were; I need to check again tonight. But if you still have puss, don’t leave it, it is better to be safe than sorry, and your ‘infection’ will clear up quicker. My doctor also said I can take a bath today (Day after removal), but I don’t like the idea of removing the bandages, because I am not to sure how much protection it provides and I don’t like being with out it, especially if the warm water makes the foot expand/swell. I am probably being over protective and imaginative! Lol I’ve been doing my shaving often, I just prop my legs over the bath rather than in the path!! I still feel so trampyl!!

Small update:
Day 13 right foot and Month 5 Left foot!

Right foot: Today it has stopped itching, I wish it would continue to itch though! It has been very quite and yeah, that’s it really! There is nothing to say in regards to that foot! Although if you tense the muscle in that foot, it kind of hurts, so I won’t be doing that again any time soon! The toe has been twitching a bit.

Left foot! Well today is exactly 5 months post op and it has been great! It has remained in the same position since the day after the bandages were removed. Its permanent position is slightly under the second toe, just before the nail. This doesn’t bother me as long as it stays like that! It is still a bit stiff and I need to work on it, but it is not restricting. I can mentally as opposed to using my hand, to move it up and down a bit, it still feels weird on the joint when I do that. I can walk for long distances, my choices of shoes are still restrictive plus I always have worn very comfortable shoes, so anything with a hard sole will naturally feel uncomfortable. The foot has also been handling the weight and impact extremely well, I can hop and land heavily without it bothering me, I am walking on this foot only with crutches as well, still no problem, I don’t even have to think twice! Considering that I have to rest to allow my right foot to heal, I am not sure how well it will be during month five. I don’t know what shoes I will be able to wear and how often the bony feeling will appear. But I do know for sure, when I do the toe exercises, it feels like I am walking on the bone, this fades when I cut down or stop exercising. So far, I haven’t regretted the surgery and it feel so good to wear shoes without the ex-bunion area turning red, sore and blistered!

Any questions just ask!

thank you :)

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