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All your support is greatly appreciated and I don’t know where or how I would feel without it. If it weren’t for all of your help, advice and support, I don’t even think I would’ve had the confidence to go ahead with the surgery.

Debbie and Kathjack, I think I need to warm to the idea that I will have to wear orthodics, and I need to look at it this way, at least I don’t have to have further surgery and at the end of the day it is only an insole that will help me walk. I am beginning to warm to the idea it was just that I thought I would be ‘Free’ no more protectors, blister treatment, sneakers etc, so having a new problem just upset me.

I also believe expensive shoes do help a great deal with protecting your feet and I have always worn shoes that were wide and comfortable. I caught my bunions because I used to do ballet when I was younger. For more than ten years, I have had to wear shoes that I don’t like very much but were wide and comfortable.

Buniondancer, I rather agree with you, I see many people wearing heels or stilettos and some don’t even have bunions! But, narrow shoes can cause them, whether they are flat or heeled. Also congratulations on having your bunion surgery, the recovery really isn’t that bad, you only have to deal with the boredom and the immobility. I wasn’t able to start walking FWB until the 6th week, so you are very lucky to be starting early, including the exercises. I didn’t have any problems bending my foot up or down as I was always doing the ankle exercises, but putting weight on the foot really kind of hurt my ankle and this takes some time to strengthen, you might not have some much of a problem with this as you are starting everything earlier than I did.

Your doctor is right about wearing shoes too soon and it can ruin his work, but everyone is different. I didn’t wear shoes until the sixth week and it was worth the weight (I didn’t have any screws, pins or plates). I didn’t even have to buy any new shoes to accommodate the swelling. I too also have a bunion on my right foot and I will be waiting to see how the left foot turns out! Please do keep us posted and I look forward to reading them. Glad everything is going well for you.

I will just post a little update. It is now the end of my 9th week and there has been significant improvement with my ankle and the way I walk. The limp isn’t so bad, I can almost fly down the stairs but I won’t do this, not even for a train. My foot does feel very good, almost like normal. The toe is a little stiff; this is noticeable when I walk. I now need more arm strength to pull the toe back towards me, which is a good sign. It feels a little uncomfortable and almost as if the skin in between my toe is going to split (Sorry to be graphic!). I am finding it difficult to find enough time to do the exercises frequently, I have been through back into my job full blast- one is a job and the other is a career, which sounds like a promising start to the new year. My overall strength is almost back to normal; I use to feel tired after walking and after work. Now I can do more, especially since I am able to walk a bit better with less ankle pain.
Today, just for fun, I tried on some flat shoes, and it looked so good to see the side of my foot bump-less! I also noticed when I walked in them I didn’t feel the bone underneath my foot, but I think if I walked in them after a while, it would begin to return. Also, throughout today, the feeling wasn’t so prominent, so maybe, it is beginning to fade, especially since I have massaging the area. I will se tomorrow when I walk to work. I will not get my hopes up to high and will still look into orthodics.

Lastly, I can almost stand in my toes unaided, so that is another good sign!

Thank you
I am doing very well. I have been quiet on my own thread, I don't see the doc for another month. Been doing some housework, started in on the treadmill this week, my ankle is still sore and tired, but coming around. I have been using the bone stimulator every night for a 1/2 hour and overall, I couldn't be happier with my recovery.
Darklight, how are you doing? I had my bunionectomy, on my left foot, on Dec. 27th, so, I'm about 6-7 weeks behind you. I'm almost at the 6 week mark, post-op. I've mirrored all you toe symptoms and concerns. It's very stiff. I'm at the early PT part of recovery, afraid to bend the toe too much... My incision area feels very tight, a pulling sensation over the incision site. Did you ever get back into dress shoes yet, just for an evening out? I'm worried I'll be stuck in sneakers forever. I hope to put on wide sneakers in a few days, instead of the walking boot. My doctor said it takes 8 weeks for bone to heal, so, I hope I'll feel more confident, in 2 weeks, about PT. Right now, I move my toe like you did. Is your toe less stiff now? Your journey has helped me... Thanks.
Hi debbie!

I can't believe your husband stepped on your foot after surgery! :o I hope the block hadn't worn off!

lol I am a bit clumsy to be honest...I go to put the wrong foot down, I am so use to thinking it's my left foot that is bad!!

Hi wmkcolors! I haven't been doing the exercises as often as I should up and til month four and I wish I did it more often. It's difficult to find the time and energy to do them. I feel I need more strength to pull the toe towards me, I am pulling it as far as I can. The range of motion I have now, allows me to wear high heels and to stand on my toes. I also notice though, after I do the toe exercises, it feels like I am walking on my bone and that really puts me off. Depending on how hard I work on it, it can take up to three days for that feeling to dissappear. The toe exercises never hurt me, although I was a bit afraid, but I had to be brave! Keep doing your PT while you cac, you only get one chance- the pain within reasonable limits, will be worth it.

As for the incision, it feels weird, the bottom hurts a bit if anything rubs it, but I think it is improving slowly. It does look ugly though because I had a small infection, but it doesn't bother me at all.

I was really unsure about having the other foot done, it's not the greatest surgery to have because of the recovery and imobility. Nevertheless, it did give me problems and it would get worse, plus, I thought it was best to have it done while I didn't have to have pins, screws or plates. I hope it's worth it!

Short update:
Day 11

Today the foot felt good, it wasn't sore! It burnt a little, but it wouldn't stop itching! A very good sign. Tomorrow will be different though, because I will have my stitiches out and I know it will hurt :( Also, I can keep the foot down a little longer without it bothering me too much.

Any questions, please ask :)
Hi! Thank you all for being so encouraging :)

Teddie, I am glad I give you hope, because the recovery is rather long and the foot goes through many weird stages, it’s so unpredictable. Even my right foot is going through different stages to the left! I am quite lucky because I do not have any hardware in my foot, but I have read on the board, some people have no problems with them. I hope you aren’t still worried about your stitches because it is ok to keep them in there for three weeks :)

Badfeet51, you aren’t far behind me! I think they might take yours out, if you are afraid of the pain, you can take some Ibuprofen, I took two about 40 mins before my appointment, I think it helped, it was 90% less painful than last time! I do agree the recovery isn’t that bad in some ways, it really is the immobility that is bothersome, The time does go by quite quickly as well, I have another four weeks until I can walk FWB, doesn’t seem too bad! Lol we want to be superwomen where recovery is concerned!

Tammy, Congrats to you too! We are both exactly 13 days post-op and it is great to compare notes :) It does feel good to have them out, funnily our recovery and previous recovery sounds identical. I did have an infection 3.5 wks post op, and right now, my incision isn’t fully healed! I do have specks of blood where the stitches were; I need to check again tonight. But if you still have puss, don’t leave it, it is better to be safe than sorry, and your ‘infection’ will clear up quicker. My doctor also said I can take a bath today (Day after removal), but I don’t like the idea of removing the bandages, because I am not to sure how much protection it provides and I don’t like being with out it, especially if the warm water makes the foot expand/swell. I am probably being over protective and imaginative! Lol I’ve been doing my shaving often, I just prop my legs over the bath rather than in the path!! I still feel so trampyl!!

Small update:
Day 13 right foot and Month 5 Left foot!

Right foot: Today it has stopped itching, I wish it would continue to itch though! It has been very quite and yeah, that’s it really! There is nothing to say in regards to that foot! Although if you tense the muscle in that foot, it kind of hurts, so I won’t be doing that again any time soon! The toe has been twitching a bit.

Left foot! Well today is exactly 5 months post op and it has been great! It has remained in the same position since the day after the bandages were removed. Its permanent position is slightly under the second toe, just before the nail. This doesn’t bother me as long as it stays like that! It is still a bit stiff and I need to work on it, but it is not restricting. I can mentally as opposed to using my hand, to move it up and down a bit, it still feels weird on the joint when I do that. I can walk for long distances, my choices of shoes are still restrictive plus I always have worn very comfortable shoes, so anything with a hard sole will naturally feel uncomfortable. The foot has also been handling the weight and impact extremely well, I can hop and land heavily without it bothering me, I am walking on this foot only with crutches as well, still no problem, I don’t even have to think twice! Considering that I have to rest to allow my right foot to heal, I am not sure how well it will be during month five. I don’t know what shoes I will be able to wear and how often the bony feeling will appear. But I do know for sure, when I do the toe exercises, it feels like I am walking on the bone, this fades when I cut down or stop exercising. So far, I haven’t regretted the surgery and it feel so good to wear shoes without the ex-bunion area turning red, sore and blistered!

Any questions just ask!

thank you :)

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