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Aug 14, 2003
Hi all im new to this site and i was wondering if any one could help me,im18 years old and for years iv had bad feet since i was 13 i suffered with what looked like bunions on the big toe joints and small bunions on my litle toe joints, but over the years they have got much bigger and painfull iv got faily hammered toes and im very embarased buy my feet,i just started a job that needs me to dress smart and wear nice shoes ,iv been wearing heels becase i never wanted to be the odd one out even nowing that there making my feet bad,but im not sure how far bunions will actully grow,people that see my feet like shoe shop assitants and friends and they look in shock when they see my feet with out shoes on and this is making me wonder if mine are that bad already,i dont want surgery as im scared of hostitals i now that sounds mad but even if i visit some one i have panik atacts, if i look at my feet they look very odd shape i have small feet but very wide at the front my big toes both bend over and under my 2nd toe and pushing my 3rd toe over a lot,the big toe bunion on both feet are the same and is the size of a tomatoe and as red but very hard like bone,i have got smaller bunions on my litle toe joints that stick out a fair bit ,its ok in sandals but shoes wow there so sqwashed,my feet looks a mess and iv just took of my new work shoes when wrighting this and noticed my shoes are spliting where my bunion is, that happens alot i wear shoes out so fast,im not sure about bunions and i did see a doctor 3 years ago and mentioned to her about my feet and she said yes there bunions but just live with them as they might not gett any bigger, sadly since then they have doulbled in size, any one else here having problems like me,sorry it sounds a bit stupid but im 100% mixed up on why my feet are so out of shape and 2 how big and deformed can bunions actully get? thanks for your help from a new member.

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