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Re: Foot therapy
Sep 10, 2003
I had a bunion and nerve tumor removed from my right foot and a cortisone shot in my left heel for a spur. My bone was shaved on the side and top and had an absorbable pin placed in my big toe. Was in a walking cast for three weeks. That surgery was done 5/20/03 and I am now walking normally yet still in sneakers constantly. I cannot walk barefoot very long as I need the support. If I did not go to physical therapy, I would not be where I'm at today. I've posted it in here somewhere about what therapy consists of - but I'll give you another quick rundown. My doctor suggested I go to therapy about 6 weeks after surgery. She said it would bring more flexibility faster.

I went twice a week and they gave me home exercise to do which included stretching with a towel, pushing upwards on my upper foot (towards my leg), contrast bath to reduce swelling (30 seconds in "ice" cold water, then one minute in lukewarm water - not too hot or it will feel like frostbite - repeat three times, ending in ice and wrap firmly in an ace bandage), also put hands on wall and stretch out calf. Self-massage with a good cream (palmers cocobutter) and I used Mederma on the scar. Cross-friction massage on the scar to avoid scar-tissue buildup. I hardly feel any bump under the scar now. I am very flexible though I still have some numbness between my big and second toe on my right foot (due to the nerve tumor removal). Doc says it will take a while for that to improve.

So, as you can see, I wholeheartedly believe that therapy is worth it. Oh, I didn't tell you what they do for you! A typical therapy session included ultrasound treatment on scar area, massage, stretching, ionto treatment (electrically-charged anti-inflamatory medication into sore sites). Started out doing stretches on different types of boards there then towel stretches. Ended the whole therapy session with ice. Felt great! Good luck!

Get therapy - I was not walking correctly and it was begining to cause other foot problems. My heel spur started hurting more and I developed a corn on my right heel. Took care of that with a corn pad!

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