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hi everyone. it has been a while since i have visited the boards. if you remember, i had bunion surgery on my right foot on 2/28/03. it was the major one w/ the screws and i also had 2 toes done.

my foot was healing nicely BUT then, after about 4-6 weeks, we started to see the big toe move under the 2nd toe. i went to physical therapy for 1 month (3x a weeks) to try and aleviate some of the pain but it only got worse. also, my middle toe (that was healing) got twisted somehow. my doctor was very shocked at how my middle toe got all messed up, but was not as shocked with my big toe positioning.

when we looked at the x-rays, the bunion surgery was still intact, but you could see lots of scar tissue that formed on / around the tendon. and, they couldn't use ultra-sound since i had screws in.

over time, the pain has become really bad - untolerable at times. i have major muscle cramps in my foot and i need to wrap my big toe in place to keep it from crossing under. needless to say - my foot is in WORSE shape than it was before i started :-(.

but no need thinking about the past, i am ready to move on - round 2 is this friday (8/29) on the following:
- my left foot (bunion, 3 toes)
- my right foot (rework on the bunion / remove scar tissue and reposition the big toe; and rework on my middle toe)
- and, to make it all MORE fun - they found a cist on my heal (my right foot) and they are going to remove that as well

i am NOT looking forward to surgery at all. i am really scared - the pain was soooooooo bad last time and look where i wound up. my doctor promises everything will be okay. my husband and mom will be here to take care of me. mom is moving in for 3 weeks. i know i won't be able to get around at all for a while since they are working on both feet this time.

other things i will do different this time:
- my scars are all lumpy. i will need to use Mederma as suggested on the other boards
- i will also get orthodics. after talking w/ some people, they think that my bog toe shifted b/c of how i was walking (even though i was on crutches for 2-3 weeks)
- i will keep an eye out for anything that seems off / wrong and make sure i 3x check w/ the dr. that it is okay.

okay, i do have a positive outlook, i am just scared that this is not the end of my foot problems and something will go wrong again.

i am 28 (turning 29 next month) and i want to get on with my life without foot pain / surgery :-).

more to come after surgery! (sorry for the long post)

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