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I got on Lyrica for tingling, numbness in my foot. It has helped. I still get some burning sensations, but Lyrica has helped. My doctor said Lyrica has less side effects than Neurontin.

Hi Sunny

Thanks for responding. What I am experiencing after the neuroma surgery is not what I would call pain, it's more like annoying numbness where they removed the nerve during surgery as well as tightness at incision site and a little soreness on ball of foot right underneath the numb toe area. I think I also have some scar tissue going on. I have been putting bio oil on incision site ( which is supposed to help with the tightness.) My pod says it can take up to a year for everything to settle down in your foot following surgery.I hope he's right or I will be mighty disappointed. Glad that you are having a good recovery.

Hi Sharon, I also have scar tissue, on the top of my foot between and above the first two toes, the Pod said to massage it, so I have been and it does seem to help. I do have a bit of numbness in my second toe, but that is far better than the pain I had before. Take care..


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