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Yes......I am one of those that the Keller didn't work. I had the surgery 11/05 and immediately noticed the surgery didn't work. I did my research [B]AFTER my Keller and found out I should never have consented to it!!! The failure rate is high unless one is very sedentary. My toe was floppy (it is supposed to be) but it didn't allow for any push-off power. The toe also was sitting too high off the ground and I couldn't wear shoes. It was difficult walking with or without shoes. I was pretty much in my camboot from 11/05 till I had the toe fused in May'06. The fusion is the only surgery left after the failed Keller. I would never advise anyone to have a Keller. It really is a surgery that is not done often in this day and age since implants have been used. I need my other foot done and I will opt for a fusion. It is permanent and it allows you to have push off power and it doesn't feel "disconnected or floppy" and it is easier to wear shoes (except for high heels). I do hope you have success with your Keller but you might want to have a second opinion.
Best of luck.

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