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Dark Light,
Thank you for your compassion you have shown me throughout my recovery. It feels so good to know there is someone out there in cyber space who cares. :angel:

I saw the id dr today. He decided we should do the antibiotics for another week, since I had that drainage over the weekend. I feel better this way. While I was in the infusion room there was a patient who had just recently been diagnosed with MRSA. I listened as he talked with various people on his cell phone. I really felt bad for him. He was still in the angry stage and fighting it every inch of the way. He was talking about getting his lawyers involved, so they could find out just how he got the infection. It was really sad to hear him talk about all of the changes he was going to have to make and all of the things he was going to miss out on while he recovered from the infection. It did help me see my own progress. I could remember how I felt when I was first diagnosed last year. I was confused, scared and angry too. Now, I realize there isn't anyone to really point my finger at and place the blame on. The infection is just something that happened. And yes, there are a lot of changes I had to make in my life, but instead of thinking only about what I cannot do, I have to choose to think about how lucky I am that it was not worse. I am sure he will move through the stages and finally get to acceptance, but I will keep him in my prayers. I also hope things are moving along for you and that you are recovering nicely. :)

Ms Tammy,
I do have a splint to wear that is supposed to help my toe stay striaght. I think mine is a little bit bigger and more cumbersome than the one you write about. Mine has a large plastic piece with a pad on it that fits around my big toe on the side that is next to my second toe. Then it comes down the top of my foot and wraps around my bunion. There is a strap that stretches out across the top of my foot around the foot just below my little toe and across the bottom of my foot and then attaches back to itself with velcro. I had this splint before my surgery and at that time I only wore it at night. It was extremely painful because it was essentially trying to pull my toe and correct it with force. On average, I could only stand to wear it about 2-3 hours at a time. It did not work at that time. Now, the gentleman who fit me with the splint said since I am off work I should wear it as much as possible. Also, if I can upt a heating pad on and make the soft tissue warm and pliable it may be more effective. I try to wear it over night and whenever I am laying on the couch watching television (which is the majority of the day). I hope it will work this time. Thank you for sharing your experience with me. I really appreciate it!


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