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itsme53 - As far as having them both done at one time, I'm at day 6 post op and had them both done together. I don't see where it would be that much less trouble having just one. I'm in surgical sandles and am allowed to walk to the bathroom and a litle bit more as tolerated. I could see where if you couldn't get anywhere at all it would be miserable but otherwise I wouldn't do it any other way. The pain meds work just as well on 2 feet at a time as they would on 1, I would think.
My doctor wouldn't even consider doing both feet at the same time. I had a bunionectomy, an implant, and arthritis scraped away and perhaps that's why I had so much pain. I, too, suggest that you have someone available to help you at least the first 3 or 4 days as it is quite difficult to get around. I was told I had to be a couch potato for 3 days and only get up to go to the bathroom. It was almost 2 months befor I was weight bearing. Icing and elevating is extremely important. Even doing that, I still have swelling (had this done 14 + months ago. Unfortunately, my implant has not been successful and I am now going in for a second surgery to have it removed. Good Luck to you.

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