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Hi Everyone,
I am 5 days post surgery for flatfoot reconstruction. I am wondering about the timetable for healing and what others have experienced.
My foot problems started 10 years ago when I had an accessory navicular removed from my left foot. Almost immediately after recovery, my arch started to fall in. The podiatrist saw that the arch was falling and just offered orthotics as a solution. Orthotics did not help. So I just decided I would have to live with a fallen arch. This last year my foot got much worse. I was walking with a limp and had no ability to push off with my toes. A second podiatrist ordered an MRI and said I needed a talonavicular fusion. So then I went to see an orthopedic foot and ankle specialist. He wanted to do a sliding heel osteotomy, FDL transfer, and talonavicular fusion. I knew that the fusion would cause me to lose a lot of motion in my foot. So I went to a 3rd orthopedic who was younger (my neighbor suggested that a younger surgeon might have learned some new techniques that the older ortho didn't know about). The third Dr. said he tries to work around fusing in the major ankle area if at all possible. So I went with him. My surgery was 5 days ago. He did a heel osteotomy inserting a wedge of cadaver bone. Then a second heel cut to slide it over. Then a FDL transfer, reconstructed the spring ligament, loosened the gastrocnemius muscle, and fused the cuneiform-first metatarsal joint. Have any of you had any of these procedures? What was your healing process like? Should I try to wiggle my toes in the first two weeks?
Thanks for any advice on this long recovery!
Thanks so much for your response. This is the first time I have ever posted on the internet! I have located a turning leg caddy at a local durable medical company. I think it will be a big help. Did your doctor take x-rays at each of your office visits? Are they able to tell if the bone is fusing properly? I have read of some people who had certain "hot spots" in their fusions where the bone remained soft. When you started physical therapy did you feel a lot of stretching in the posterior tibial tendon and was it very painful?
I am encouraged to know that I can actually wiggle my toes. With a FDL tendon transfer I didn't know if it would decrease movement in the smaller toes where the FDL tendon came from.
Were you given any antibiotics to take at home? I received some IV ones at the hospital but didn't bring any oral antibiotics home with me.
Thanks again

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