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Hi All,

I am thinking of having my 2nd foot done in March or April and my dr said he would use the austin/chevron procedure. To give you some background, I had a severe bunion on my right foot and had a base wedge osteotomy on that foot last April. I was on crutches for 6 weeks and all that jazz. My right foot is just about back to normal now with a little bit of swelling every now and then.

I wanted to see what peoples experiences have been with the Austin/Chevron procedure. My Pod said that he could do a more aggressive procedure since my bunion angle is about 14 degrees but I told him I can't handle doing the whole crutches/walking cast/physical therapy thing again. So he estimated that I would be in a surgical shoe for 2 weeks and wanted me to rest that entire time. I said I would probably take a week off work to rest and then be back at work the second week, but I have a desk job so it wouldn't be that much stress on my foot.

Can you guys please share your experiences with this procedure??

Thank you!! :wave:

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