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I had the Austin procedure for pretty significant bunions; my surgery was about 20 months ago. I also had a lot of pain in the balls of my feet, one more than the other. It was diagnosed many, many years ago as Morton's neuroma-- and had been bothering me for much longer than the bunions. It was not constant and I coped with it by using orthodics which took the pressure off of the balls of the feet. (I actually did well with Feathersprings, a thin stainless steel insole plate over little rubber cups.) At the point of the surgery, in addition to the pain in the balls of the feet, I had significant pain at the sites of the bunions, and was starting to experience pain on the tops of my feet more and more often. Since my bunion surgery, pain on the sides and tops of my feet is gone and pain in the balls of my feet is rare-- Very infrequent and with less intensity than before. In fact, my whole body feels better. I used to walk stiffly for the first few minutes after I got up in the morning; no longer. I do still need to use over-the-counter orthodics or wear supportive shoes like Danskos when I'll be on my feet or walking a lot, but I can wear many kinds of shoes that I hadn't been able to wear for years. I'm 58 and like to be active. I think bunions twist your feet so much that they effect many aspects besides the obvious sensitive areas on the side. My experience is that a bunion only gets worse and you'll have to deal with it someday-- The more severe it is at that point, the more difficult the surgery will be and the less the odds will be that you'll have total success in "fixing" the foot. I definitely waited longer than I should have. I think the second opinion is a good idea. Best wishes in making the right decision.

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