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Sounds like your doc is planning on the reconcstruction surgery. If you plan to go along with that I can give you some idea of recovery. I had this surgery 2 years ago. I had a tendon transfer as the PTT was mush and the calcaneal osteotomy (heel bone cut off). The pain is pretty intense but controllable with pain meds. Elevation is key. You must be "toes above your nose" 95% of the time for the first several weeks. If at all possible I would plan to have some help for the first few weeks. Although I have talked to people who live alone and have done fine with preparation in advance. You will probably be non-weight bearing (NWB) for about 6 weeks. During this time you can use crutches or a roll-a-bout where you put your knee on a pad and push with the other leg, or a wheelchair or walker. Personally, I used the wheelchair as it freed my hands for things like preparing food, carrying food, washing hands, etc. I also used crutches some. Some people really like the roll about. I have never tried one, so I can't speak to that. The walker I tried and it is awful. You have to hop on one leg and it is exhausting. I don't recommend that. you will need a shower chair. If you have a tub you may want to get the one that is a transfer seat where part of it is outside the tub. You slide over and keep your leg on the side of the tub. I had a hand held shower in my tub so it was perfect. If you are using a shower you will need a cast cover which can be purchased online or thru a medical supply house. A toilet chair was a wonderful thing as well. The handles come in handy during the the NWB stage. It is hard to get up from a seated position on one leg with no armrests! It is helpful if you have access to a little mini refrigerator so you can put drinks, snacks, etc close at hand to reduce trips to the kitchen. You may want to board your pet for a few days at least. If it needs to be walked outside daily that will be rather difficult at first so some help with that would be great. Once you get to the partial weight bearing (PWB) stage it will get much easier. This will be done either in a walking cast or a removable boot, depending on your surgeons preference. Mine, thankfully, likes the boot so at least my foot could breathe now and then! Ahead of time you want to assess your home for obstacles such as narrow passageways, throw rugs, etc. Rearranging furniture temporarily is much easier before hand than after you are on one leg and can't get to where you need to go!. Regardless of what device you choose to use, I would get it ahead of time and practice negotiating with it. I quickly found the best routes thru the house that way.
The recovery is rather long. You will be PWB for a few weeks, again at your doctor's discretion. You will be in therapy for probably a few months. Full recovery takes at least a year, longer for some. Most of these surgeries are successful, just rather difficult. You can do it, though, even living by yourself. Hope this helps. If I think of other things, I'll post them. Good luck!

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