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Hey guys,

DB when is you surgery sched. Hope all goes well. Sounds more involved then what Rball and I have. Lucky for me that I was diagnosed the next day after my fall with Lisfranc. Fall was 3/23/08 and surgery was 4/1/08. Had to wait a week for swelling to go down, and I got 3 different orthopedic opinions in that time.
Its going well, but I cannot wait to get out of the hard cast and into the boot. Showering and sleeping is a real chore.

Right now the big toe hurts, but as I manually more and stretch it out with my hands it feels better. The only sharp/significant pain I have is on the top of the foot if I put alittle pressure on it ( Like using the bad foot for balance w/out the crutches).

Rball- What were the exercises that you did at PT? Did they help. I have heard conflicting reports from people. Also did they use elec stimulating followed by the rub down?

DB- good luck with the surgery. Positive mental outlook is huge. I was depressed at first, but then realized if I want to play with my kids and do the things I always have, then I better get my ass out there and listen to the Dr.

Research helps for your anotomic knowledge, but it might drive you nuts. I like Rballs stories better then most.

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