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I feel redundant, but I need to know how your post op foot, after a bunionectomy, felt at 8-9 weeks out. I am still in alot of pain, as I've become full weight bearing. My foot screams out to stay off of it. I am in PT, but progress is slow and I feel like the pain is increasing. From other posts, it sounds like one should be further along, at 2+ months, and many say the pain is tolerable or nonexistent, 2 weeks out. I am very frightened, as I've mentioned in other posts, when I'd just had surgery. I don't know what to do. The doctor took an x-ray 2 weeks ago and said my foot looked like it was healing well. I'm afraid I have nerve damage. I'm ready to go to another specialist, if the doctor doesn't offer more guidance. At most my PT massages my foot and gives me some encouragement. Did anyone feel this lost 2 months out? Should I seek a second opinion?
I was NWB for the first 2 weeks, but, after that the doctor said I could use a removable soft boot. I struggled the first month and would say I was NWB 80-90% of the time. By the 6th week, I could wear a wide supportive sneaker and lost the limp, but any length of time on my foot, from PWB to FWB made it flare up quickly. I started PT at 8 weeks, and I am now 9 weeks post op. I've been FWB, for a few hours, since 6 weeks, but, like I said, I can't go for very long. Yesterday, for the first time, the PT had me stand on a memory foam type cushion and put all the weight on my foot and none on my other. That was the first time I'd done that much and I went home, for the rest of the day and night, in alot of pain, using painkillers again to take the edge off. I'll bring this up to my doctor next week, but I just thought I'd be more pain free by now... I had an austin/akin bunionectomy, on my left foot, and I have wires connecting the bones, where he made the cut. I just pray that at 4 months, I'll be past some of this pain that I am in at 9 weeks. My arch kills me and the incision still aches. Thanks for your encouragement.

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