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hi jean,

what type of surgery did you have? I have been dancing since I was 4 (mostly ballet, jazz and modern) and had bunion surgery last April. I had a base wedge osteotomy and hammertoe correction on two toes. I was on crutches for 6 weeks then a walking boot for 3 or 4 and then a surgical shoe for 2 weeks. I did about 3 months of physical therapy after I got out of the walking boot.

I only dance occasionally now and only do it for fun. I have had trouble with my range of motion in my big toe. Because of this I am not able to releve on my surgery foot as well as I am on my good foot. I'd say my range of motion is about 80-90%. Part of this is because I had a pretty invasive surgery and also because I wasn't very good about doing my PT exercises at home every day. I also have struggled with balancing on my surgery foot because all of the muscles in that leg became really week from non-weight bearing for 6 weeks.

I think I started taking dance classes about 6 months after my surgery. It would still hurt in the beginning but now when I take classes there is no pain or swelling. I would suggest getting a bunion splint or soft toe separator to wear inside your ballet shoe. Or try using a sock or lyrical shoe. If you do ballet, I would order a size bigger than your used to in ballet shoes, because I went up a size due to swelling.

I struggled a lot after my surgery because I am also very active. I would say I was completely back to normal around 8-9 months post-op in terms of activities like dancing, running, etc. but my range of motion in my surgery foot will never be 100%.

Sorry for the long post, I hope this all made sense. Feel free to ask me questions. My advice to you would be to do your PT exercises as much as possible to improve your range of motion and take it easy in terms of exercise in the beginning. You'll get back to normal in a few months.

Amy :wave:

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