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I have been told to massage the scar often with vitamin E oil or mederma or something like Eucarin cream often, which helps the scar to become more pliable. You are also supposed to desensitize the scar, by rubbing it with a rough towel or something similar. As far as range of motion, I've also bent the toe area back and forth. I am now trying to curl my toes around a rolled up towel and when I am in the pool I am trying to put more weight on my foot and practice standing on my toes. Last week the physical therapist had me put all my weight on my postop foot, while I stood on a foam pillow. I have to say this hurt alot and the rest of the day my foot ached. Now, 9 weeks post op, I'm always bending my toe and flexing my foot and I'm gradually trying to stand on my tiptoes. Another thing is try to "write" the alphabet out with your big toe. My arch hurts alot, so, I use a tennis ball to massage the arch. While I sit down, I roll the tennis ball back and forth under my arch and up to the toes. My PT use some electrical stimualtion, but I don't know if that really does anything. I'm also carefully practicing walking more aggressively on my foot, to gain my balance again, though this can cause my weak foot to swell still. My PT still says I should ice and elevate, and, that using the ellipitical is okay now. I swim, so, that has been good therapy for me. I also do foot exercises, while my foot soaks in hot water. Hope this helps. I'm still at the frustrating stage and am just glad when I can walk evenly for a few hours.... Compared to 2 weeks ago, I'd say my incision area is less stiff, with the PT, especially with the regular massage, but, progress is slow.
I agree Cosmic, doing PT and learning how to stretch and bend the toe and regain ROM is sooooo important. At almost 4 months postop, I'm pretty stiff, especially in the morning, but I work through what sort of feels like arthritic pain to achieve a better stretch. I do something every hour and as time passes and I'm trusting the bone healing more, I'm trying to be more aggressive with the stretching. This is something you do have to work through and even force, to retrain the foot.

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