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While doing internet searches of corrective surgeries for the foot and toes I came across a DR


with a website that says he does a state of the art bunion removal. Practically pain free with his method. Walking very soon, with plastic surgery type scars.( careful about scars and incisions)to help insure outcome of attractive foot as well as correcting the problem.

It says he is trained in surgery and medicine of the foot and ankle. He has lots of good testimonies on his website and movies of how he does it, but then I wouldn't expect him to post any bad ones.
Says he knows of no patient he has operated on that had a recurrence of their bunion.
I won't name him as I don't think we are allowed to.


I would like to know if anyone had his procedure done?
I would love to know more about his method, as although I live in Florida my hubby keeps trying to get me to go to CA on a trip to visit his family . He wants to stay almost a month so If I thought I had a good chance with this DR, I might take him up on it.
However he mostly does bunion and hammer toe surgery but on his website he shows he has corrected crooked overlapping toes too. I have a bunion by my right great toe and the second toe lifts up and over laps the great toe, when I walk across the room. The third toe is moving over into the 2 and toes place.
The one Podiatrist I saw last year in my area wanted to remove the bunion, straighten the big toe, second and third by taking out a wedge of bone in each and putting pins in them and fusing them all. He drew diagrams on my feet with ink and it was inked on the toes, top of foot, across ligaments etc. when my hubby saw my inked foot he gasped and said, "My gosh he's going to butcher your foot"
I was scheduled for surgery , but then started thinking I better look into it more, what he wanted to do.

I decided not to have the surgery a week before it was to be performed because I had told the Dr before hand that at age 48 I had recently become very active. lost a lot of weight. Exercise , dance, ride bikes, walk miles a day and hike now. I wanted to still be able to eventually do all that again. Plus wear a shoe now and then with at least a little bit of heel. maybe 1 to 1 1/2 "

After I went home I did some research and don't understand why he wanted to do a fusion. I read it was mostly used in older patients , or patients with severe pain and arthritis or after other method have failed.
I only have pain when I wear a regular shoes. That's from the bunion. However my second toe lifting up over the great toe does hurt as it rubs on the top of the shoe. If I wear flip flops( and I won't in public) or this pair of super wide unattractive shoes that stretch on the sides to allow the bunion to to have room, that feel great but look horrible. I'm okay qwith no pain.

I had read with a fusion you might that you might have trouble with certain activities due to not being able to bend the toes due to the fusion. He had told me said there would be little loss of range of motion with a fusion.

But now I questioned some of what he told me. So, I called to tell him I was cancelling the surgery for now( planning to get the second opinion). He was very perturbed about it and said he felt I just had cold feet. In other words. I was a big chicken. He said the fusion would insure that my toes would never relapsed and overlap again.
He kept saying, "Dear,a fusion isn't going to hurt you or limit your activates."
Then when he saw that I wasn't going to give in and have the surgery/fusion he said, "After all I did for you,offering you a discount rate and getting you a discount with the surgical center and anestisiologist, and all the paper work I had to do"?
Finally he said, "Well, dear, have a great life, I wish you luck" and hung up.
I felt no guilt as it's my foot, not his and I felt I needed to learn more about all the procedures that can be done on my condition and what one I think could be my best option.
I would love to have my problem corrected and also be able to wear cute sandals again since before my bunion got worse and toes started to move over and overlap, I lived in sandals.I hate wearing closed unnattractive shoes.
I will never wear spiky high heels or shoes clearly bad for my foot. Even if I could. But I would like to be able to wear cute/comfy sandals now and then with a little bit of heel or cute thong sandals and not have toes overlapping in them. And not have that darn bunion rubbing on the sides of my shoes, causing my foot to be in pain.
So, that's why I am wondering about this


DR in CA that says he perfected a practically pain free bunion procedure that heals well etc,
I don't mind some pain after surgery if the outcome would be good,although it would be nice to not have too much pain. I'm mostly interested in that he seems to do his surgery a little different then most podiatrist surgeons are doing it.
I just wonder if he really is all about a state of the art foot/toe surgery. I'm aware that some Dr's still use methods that might be considered out dated by another DR. So, I wondered.
Any advice would be appreciated.

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