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Cooper, what complications, specifically, did you have, with such an adverse postop experience? Thanks. Did you seek 2nd opinions about corrective surgery?
My downward bend is pretty good. I'm not as flexible as you, but it's improving. I've achieved close to a 90 degree upward flexion by doing pretty painful PT, using my body weight to bend it and my hand. My foot swells after these sessions, but a few weeks ago I was only 45 degrees. Keep at it. I found bending in hot water to be the easiest, when I used my hand. Can you take a hot bath or soak the foot and then do PT? Always end with cold water or ice. My POD will take the pins out, if they are causing irritation. We'll see. I'll have another xray in 3 weeks. I doubt he'll remove them, until I'm 6+ months postop. With my 90 degree flexion, it's not a sure thing. I have to keep working at it or my toe joint will stiffen again. That's great you are walking so far. I'm not sure I could go 6 miles yet, because my foot swells and the one bone, broken above the toe, is still tender. I do swim everyday and get on the bike or elliptical. With only a 45 degree bend, doesn't your toe joint "catch" or "pinch" as you walk? I noticed that, when I first started walking and when my toe joint was more stiff. Mostly, my scar incision is tender now and I swell pretty quickly, when I workout.

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