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Hi KB! I totally sympathize with you on scar nerve pain. I *still* have it even though my scar has decreased somewhat and the only spot with issues is right at the first joint and below the bottom of the nail.

What have you done as far as massaging it and trying to desensitize it? I know it sounds odd or (to some) horrifying, but I used a rolling pin on mine to de-sensitize it. It takes ALOT of courage to do it, but if you can gather up every ounce of courage, then I would suggest doing it. Do it in small steps until you've done the whole scar. Within 24 hours a lot of my pain decreased and I was able to start doing some serious massage on it. Once you can touch it and it doesn't hurt, then massage it this way....using your thumbs, going against each other, crossing back and forth and across the scar, rub with a fair amount of pressure. Then rub in circles. This is friction massage and helps to break up the way the fibers of the scar run underneath the skin. Use whatever oil or creme you have. Releasing the external scar makes it easier to get flexibility back to the internal scar.

My scar now is pretty loose and I can actually grab it between a finger and thumb and roll it back and forth. This is called rolling and again, helps to break up the direction of the fibers of the scar in the way that it adheres internally.

If you have hard scarring between your big toe and next, like I did, then I suggest sitting on the floor with knee bent. Pull the big toe up to where you can and push the other four down and hold. Then do the opposite...pull the four toes up and push the toe down. You'll feel a strong pull, almost burning/tear sensation between the toes...but it isn't tearing. You are helping to get the tissue underneath to let go and become flexible again.

I have been doing those things for more than two months now and I have seen quite a difference. I still have of late I have been working at pushing and pulling the scar back and forth across the top of my foot so that it becomes more flexible. I still have one spot that just won't let go and is still quite painful if anything presses on it. I have been putting *a lot* of pressure behind the pushing to get it to move. Same with the pulling.

My problem with the doctor going back in to break up the scar tissue is that it has a tendency to come back with a some people...and most definitely in me. So, I'm afraid to go that route. I would try everything I possibly could before I had the doctor do that. Plus, I think it would add to the external scar already there...but, I could be wrong....

You said the pain is bad at night. Are you doing any massage/stretch to the foot, then icing, before bed? I take a VERY hot bath with epsom salts where I do massage, flex/bend, pressing on the scar. Then I ice when I get into bed.

I hope this is helpful. I would hate for you to have to go through that type of surgery only to start from scratch....but you have to do what you think is right.

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