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From what I have read, plantar fibroma returns if you do a search online.

Wearing a cast may or may not help with the sesamoid pain. I have the same issue, in both feet. I was told by my doctor that the bunionectomy was supposed to help with the sesamoid pain as the sesamoid bones are pulled out of alignment when the bunion grows. If you have the tendon cut to release the big toe, and have the toe broken and realigned, this in effect is *supposed* to allow the sesamoid bones to go back to their place and you shouldn't have pain. I have yet to find that true.

I have read that sesamoid surgery should be your last option. It can affect how you walk on that foot as the sesamoids are located within the tendon and act in a pulley type fashion when you go to push off on the toe to move yourself forward when you walk. The usual process is to try icing and resting the foot, cortisone shots (which worked for a time for me but then stopped), casting, and then if all else fails, removal. Some people have success with this, others don't...but that is true of anything.

The pin size bump on the ball of your foot could be possibly either the sesamoid bone itself has moved out of alignment or fractured. It is hard to see a fractured sesamoid on an xray, it is better with an MRI.

Your best bet is to try to not be on your feet so much and/or find shoes that work with the sesamoids not against it. Have you tried metatarsal pads?? These are gel inserts that will take the force off the sesamoids. I wear them every day in my shoes. I actually found some gel inserts at WAlmart...they are actually meant to fit in the arch, but I have really high arches so they are pointless in that location for me. BUT, they are perfect for right behind the ball of my foot and cushion the sesamoids really well. Also, I got some soft heel inserts as well. My doctor had given me hard inserts, but it made the problem worse. I think soft inserts, to cushion the areas that really feel the force of walking and standing, are a better choice. I also found that chef's clogs are ideal for standing and walking on hard surfaces for long periods of time. They should have them wherever they sell uniforms...I found mine at a nursing uniform store at the mall.

Lastly, it isn't that foot surgery isn't successful a lot of the time. I think most of us are shocked at the recovery time and the process of recovery. YOu use your feet all the time and feet are really really sensitive. If you hurt your foot/have surgery, you basically are out of commission and at the mercy of your foot trying to heal. One thing I discovered with this is that you REALLY don't know how much your body weighs until you have foot surgery and are told to start putting full weight back on that foot. All of a sudden 110 pounds is REALLY heavy!:D

Please make your decision very carefully. Do every thing you can before you resort to surgery.

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