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I've had inner ankle pain since November. It came on strong, burning and throbbing while I worked out and about 6 weeks after.

In December I got diagnosed with posterior tibular tendonitis. I did the ice/rest/NSAIDS routine until early january and it didn't help. The ortho put me in a walking boot but when it didn't help after 10 days he send me to another ortho.

That ortho did a bone scan and a CT. Both showed some healing activity in the joint, and a little fluid back by the heel. The ortho didn't know what to make of that, so he suggested cortisone shots or a visit to a foot/ankle ortho.

In Feb I went to the foot ankle ortho. He diagnosed flexor hallicus longus tendonitis, which is right next to the posterior tibular tendon and it goes to the big toe.

For six weeks I did physical therapy, ice, stretching, advil. It lessened but still would ache and swell with activity. When we tried strengthening it got much worse and the burning pain came back, still in the inner ankle.

A few weeks ago I went back to the foot/ankle ortho and he suggested casting it for six weeks, or surgery (or cast followed by surgery). He said he thought the tendon might be torn.

I went for a second opinion tonight to my aunt's podiatrist, who does the platelet-rich plasma injections for tendons. I thought that kind of injection might heal my tendon and help me avoid surgery.

He and his partner instead completely disagreed with my diagnosis. They said they don't think it's a tendon at all. They think that the joint itself is irritated (because when they push on the lateral side it's very sore). They suggested cortisone shots followed by NWB for 7-10 days, then the cam walker for another week.

I'm feeling like a should give cortisone a shot (ha ha) at this point, but I'm so confused about this. Why would the joint itself be sore?

Does or did anyone else have inner ankle pain that was alternatively burning, scratchy, achy? Did you get a diagnosis?
This sounds a lot like what I have been going thorugh. Started last May or June after working out, it was a soreness, and an achiness, no burning - progressed to MRI's, walking boot, PT and a bone scan , showed some type of healing - at the time my pain was more towards my calf, but he said it was posterior tibial tendonitis. Anyway, long story short, It has never gotten very much better, I am working out again and the pain is coming back.
When I had problems with my peroneal tendon, the foot and ankle specialist tried nitro-glycerin patches, I put the patch in the spot where the pain was the worst and it worked. They had to call the doctors that has done the trial with it,to get the dosage, but I put a half a patch on a day and within a few weeks it felt better, the only success I have ever had healing a tendon without surgery. The next step was going to be the plasma route. My doc did give me an injection of cortisone in Dec. that did help for a little while. Good luck and let us know wha happens.

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