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Hi all,

I had a MF on the talus for a cartilage tear only - not an OCD - on 5th April. 3 weeks NWB as the OS said my 'flap' of cartilage was still intact and MF the tear and pulled the flap back over the defect in the hope that the blood clot will hold it in place. He is very optimistic all should work out - I'm trying to be but after the MF failure stories on this and other boards it's hard.

I am gradually bearing weight now, 25% only and taking it REAL easy. I am still experiencing quite a bit of throbbing pain, mainly around the ankle incisions, but it feels like in the Talus itself too.

Is this normal? How long does this last for and any ideas how I judge the success of the procedure over the next few weeks? My follow up appointment is in 3 weeks time. I am trying prolotherapy too on the right ankle (similar symptoms from past ankle sprain).

Thanks all and best wishes to all that are suffering and here's to a quick, successful recovery.

I had microfracture/debridement for a 6mm OCD of the Talus last June. I also had a substantial amount of scar tissue removed from the joint. I was on crutches (and in a bit of pain) thru late-August, and started walking in Sept., still dealing with jolts of pain, so I'd have to back off when the pain increased. (I still believe PT was key to my successful recovery!) By late Oct I was able to run a bit, and built up to a 1/2 marathon in January. Last month, I ran a 50-miler. (I'm an ultramarathoner.) Yes, I had some ankle pain, but not the debilitating pain I had prior to the surgery. My ankle still aches after a run, but I ice it regularly and take ibuprofen as needed. The weird thing is I can run, but have trouble skiing, ice skating and roller blading, as well as playing soccer. (I have a followup with my dr. in a couple of weeks, so I need to ask him about that. ) Maybe I've changed my running stride enough to stay off the defect, and the boots of skis and skates don't allow that...

I don't know how long the new firbrocartilage will last, but I'm certainly happy to be back on my feet!

Keep your chin up and know that there is hope! Sometimes this surgery does work!!

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