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Well, I am 4 months postop, from my bunionectomy, and, today, I went for a 3 mile walk, without any significant swelling afterwards. I went for a shorter walk this evening, to test my foot further. I've only been running a little thus far, though I'm swimming everyday, a good way to get back to daily exercise. I finally have 90 degree ROM, but my big toe will still ache and tingle some and the ball of my foot feels a little bruised. Minor arch pain too. I was wondering how other people are doing months postop, with their return to exercise, especially walking and running. Any swelling or pain still? How is your scar feeling? My scar is still a little sensitive, but I can now wear shoes that rub up against it, without further swelling. Hope everyone is feeling better.
I am walking fast now, though my foot will swell. ROM has improved to about 85% and there is less pinching, in my toe joint, though I've found, 4 months postop, that I'll be stiff in the morning. I go through my "foot routine" to loosen the scar tissue and toe joint. With walking, I've found the ball of my foot feels bruised. My doctor explained that one's foot, after years of having a bunionectomy, isn't used to walking on the ball of the foot. It takes time to "toughen" the area. I'm still trying to find a good, wide athletic running shoe, which I'll probably get online. Desensitization of the scar, to improve ROM and walking, is VERY important. Neuritis develops around the scar tissue. I don't think you can massage it too much.....massage deeply....often....That has improved my ROM the most.

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