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Hi Mike,

The good news is that counter to what I expected the 'double heelies' have reported as good recovery times as those breaking only one heel. I guess it makes sense as both heal at the same time, but while I would have thought that not having a good foot to help would slow things down that doesn't seem to be the case.

You are right that you want to start working on those muscles now in preparation for weight bearing, not let them go further downhill. There is a lot you can do: leg lifts from on your back, front and both sides. There are a lot of exercises like crunching up a towel with your toes (if you have a removable boot or bivalve cast). One of the best tools is called a theraband which is a giant elastic band that provides resistance. But you can only start with your doctor's ok as that's who can best judge when it's safe to start.

Many of us did start formal physical therapy within weeks of our injuries. It can help with expertise, guidance and motivation. There have been some Type A's who found themselves being the motivators for more.

We've seen some get to weight bearing within two months but that depends on the docs and what they see. They know they can be conservative and it might delay but won't prevent a good recovery.

A few have gotten off of crutches in days. More often it is several weeks. I think a good indicator is the pain levels shortly after the injury and you sound like you are in the more fortunate group.

An FYI: With just broken heels, the most common complaints have been about ankles. My theory is that legs have a lot of 'extra capacity' and feet do to some degree so you can be walking as they recover. But ankles have a 'just enough' design. While they may heal as quickly they don't feel right until they are nearer to recovered. You can expect them to hold out 'til last.


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