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i had a replacement joint in my big toe about 6yrs ago
I am very happy with it
But .....................the last couple of days i have had a lot of pain . it is like a stinging pain , and it throbs
Can anyone please tell me how you know when the joint replacement has gone ?? I was told when i had it done this was the best option for me , and it was . But when it went i would have to have a toe
in response to the above post . the doctor said i would have to ahve a "fusion"
i had an implant put in my big toe after a failed bunion surgery. the implant did not work. the only alternative was toe fusion. it will be a year in novemember. the pain went away, but i had to change what shoes to wear, exercise and my outlook on life. fusion is the final answer. i wonder if another replacement would work. also you didnt state why you had to have a replacement. post again
Thank you, Debbie. I'm happy to hear that your gait is unaffected. When I splinted my big toe joint, it reduced the ankle flexion, so I assumed I would walk with a limp or a rigid gait after surgery. And you can wear normal shoes again. That's good to hear, too. In addition to fusion, my orthopedic surgeon suggested other options (not replacement--apparently this isn't available in the US) but the two other surgeries only last a couple of years.

I'm going to NYC in October and will have consults with others, including a second opinion from an Iyengar teacher/surgeon, a Chinese Medicine doctor who manipulates bones, and a chiropractor/yogi who swears by K-laser treatment.

Amy in Arizona
Thank you! I have never worn pointy toes or high heels in my life, so no loss there. I just don't want to limp.
Appreciate your perspective on the recovery.

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