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thank you all. yes i have considered leaving my car at my friends, and bussing. i shall see. hopefully it is just the neuroma. i am surprised to hear the doc said to walk on your foot Tichou. i have never met the surgeon, but the foot doc here had told me i would be off work 6-8 weeks for a neuroma surgery. (i couldnt walk for a week after his cortisol shot, so i no longer go to him) so i assumed non weight bearing. then i met someone who had same surgery, same doc and he was quite happy, back to work several days later. but he had desk job, i carry heavy things sometimes. but i find the long hours sitting in the vehicle even now cause more inflammation than when i am at home. stopping often and putting foot up sounds good for the 4-5 hour drive. i think on final 9 hour drive (which will be 10-20 days post surgery) i will break it up and get a motel. make a vacation out of it. i asked the referring doc if the surgery would be from the top of foot and he said yes. but i will be sure to discuss that with surgeon. i wouldnt have known to ask, but i read it here, thanks. i hope IF i have to have bunion surgery, that i can still use the treadmill after i heal. thanks for all the tips.

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