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I am still in pain after 10 weeks of having Akin/Austin Bunionectomy with second metatarsal shortening because of pain in the ball of foot. I am going to Physical Therapy. I am really concerned. The doctor just took x-rays and said everything looks good. He used a "tuning fork" on my foot and said that everything was okay. I am feeling I made a huge mistake, can anyone help me? I see the podiatrist again in 2 weeks for another checkup.
I am right there with you....I feel your pain, and have. I too at 10 weeks was still having lots of issues and really beginning to think if I had done the wrong thing.

I think for some people it just takes a really really long time to heal...and you, and I , are some of those people. And it is very frustrating cause you want to get on with it and can't.

At 7 weeks I still couldn't get a shoe on my foot. It wasn't until 9 weeks that I felt comfortable enough to do any amount of normal errand running...where I didn't think just walking from the car to the store entrance was the worst possible journey.

I am now 5 months post and I just realized the other day that I don't have near the pain I had been having. I too had ball of foot pain, like you. It turned out that I had tendonitis and I was given Celebrex to help with that. I *still* am having issues in the toe itself and don't know why...but for the most part I am doing much better.

I take baths with Epsom Salts at night. This seems to help alot. It helps when I massage the foot and it helps with sleep. You need to be doing your ROM exercises religiously, regardless if you have pain. Any pain *other* than a very sharp and excrutiating and debilitating pain is healing pain and you have to work through it. The exercises will help with pain.
The doc says me x-rays looked good, no pain with this "tuning fork" - but every step I take is very uncomfortable. I continue to elevate and ice and massage the scars. I sure hope there is a light at the end of the tunnel!
healing does vary with people. what does your therapist say? also, how much swelling do you have?
At 10 weeks, having had a similar procedure, I was still in alot pain. In fact, i was in alot of pain up through the 4th month, as I struggled to regain ROM, in my big toe joint. Now, at 5 1/2 months postop, my pain has travelled to the arch of my foot and the ball of my foot, as I try to increase my activity level, though it's much less than the first 4 months. I'm a runner, but I can only run about 2 miles, before my foot throbs. I do have full ROM, but that was a painful process of physical therapy. I believe it takes months, on the average, to heal, not the 6-8 weeks that is suggested. The first 3 months is a very early part of the healing process.
The swelling is almost gone, just some puffiness on top of foot. Physical Therapist says it takes time. I just put my foot in my sneaker this week. Maybe walking in that surgical shoe all that time wasn't helping. I still ice and elevate at when I can.
congratulations on the sneaker! once you can walk in the sneakers the better you will do in terms of healing. walk as much as you can. it does take a long time to heal.
Debbie, I still have alot of pain in the ball of the foot. Is this normal? I go to the doctor next week for another checkup. I am getting really discouraged. It seems I am walking funny to avoid the pain. My PT says I am walking like Charlie Chaplin, but I am in pain. I will be 3 months this Friday.
you are still healing. you have to fix your walking, though. you must walk from heel to toe. i wish your therapist could help you with the bottom of the foot. massage can help, othodics and sturdy shoes. your dr has to come up with an answer.
i just had the bunion surgery 1 week ago. but my doctor strongly suggested that my foot needed more support (the orthotics i had were crap, and not made by a doctor) so he took casts of my feet so i will have good orthotics after my swelling calms down. you should discuss with your doc if something else could be going on in addition to the bunion pain. and i agree with debbie g about fixing your walking based on docs advice. i started using the side of my foot so as not to hurt the surgery area, but that started pain in my ankle so i reverted to using just the heel or keeping my foot off the ground altogether. i wish you good healing
MY PT tells me I'm not bending my big toe and tries to get me to do things like calf raises and picking up towel (impossible). I seem to be having pain in the ball of the foot. It will be 3 months on Friday and I am getting discouraged
I didn't start PT in earnest until I got closer to 12 weeks and PT WAS painful. It won't be easy, slowly ease into the towel scrunches and gentle bending of the big toe; etc. Now, at 6 months, I have a 90 degree ROM in my big toe, but I climbed a mountain to get that back. Once I had confindence my boned healed, after 12 weeks, then I sort of bent my toe joint through the pain and probably overdid it at times. Hot water therapy and a good PT coach can help. Go slowly and realize it might take 2-4 months of doing the exercises. Even at 6 months, I have some pain in the ball of my foot and the arch. PT will require a full appraisal of your foot. Massage your arch and toes. Do the big toe joint bending. Only do little towel scrunches, if it hurts too much now. Listen to your foot. Realize this might take many months, so, you don't set yourself up for disappointment. It's more common to take 6-8-10 months to heal versus 4-6 months. That way, you'll be more gentle on yourself. I'm learning the hard way. Hope this helps, to know others are feeling as frustrated, on a similar timeline of healing.
One of the things I did to get my ROM back was I would hold the foot around the base of the ball of the toe and midfoot and with my other hand I would grab the toes and bend them down, hold, then bend them up pushing as far as possible, hold, then again...several times. I still do this because I want to get that scar to stretch out and be flexible. I tried the towel thing and picking up marbles, etc., but I couldn't really do that pre-surgery, can't really do it with the good foot, so I gotta laugh at myself trying to pick up towels and stuff...:D But, you *must* move that toe or you will never regain ROM to the extent that you need. That in itself is a problem.
Thanks for the replies. Believe me, sometimes I think that the surgery did not work. The doctor says the x-rays look good, etc. I just feel that I should not be in as much pain as I am after 12 weeks (tomorrow). I see the doctor again next week. I am going to write down some questions for him - as he really does not give out as much information as I learn from this board. I was very active before surgery and this recovery has been very emotionally draining and difficult. I am trying to give things more time, but it seems like I am not improving very much. Thanks for everyones support!

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