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I have never had a cortisone injection. However, I have discussed it with my POD and he is very reluctant to do them. He said tht when injected into the joint it will expand the joint. If done too frequently, it will cause the joint to be permanently enlarged therefore causing a larger problem.

Trust me with two severe bunions post surgical 2 yrs and 3 yrs, I have been through some stuff. As far as the small toe bunionette problem... With my first surgery which took three months in a boot, that area (small toe) was sooo painful. It was worse than any of the post surgical pain. It was certainly aggrevated by the boot pressure because beforhand I had NO problem in that area at all. It all passed over time and I do not have any problem with it now.
So, it may all just pass...............

My first foot took a long time to settle in. I still adjust shoes and sandals for various reasons. However, I am so much better than pre surgical. The surgery happened in September. It was with an external fixation device which was removed in November. It wasn't until May of the following year that I was feeling really fine again and able to walk forever.

Another important thing is that, shoes and sandals can be so important for comfort. I cannot wear ballet flats or any flat sandal or shoe. For me, wedged or a shoe with a heel is so much more comfortable. A rigid bottom helps a lot too.

My physical therapy guy told me about a friend of his who had bunion surgery and she was just miserable post op. He referred her to my POD who did a new surgery on her. He told me that she was so much better after the second surgery for the first one had been done incorrectly. Just a thought
Chubstercat-you really sound like me, I am also getting very discouraged. I had my first bunion surgery almost a year ago, but my POD did the surgery wrong. Therefore, I had an orthopedic surgeon do my second surgery, and she had to lengthen the first metatarsal, shorten the second, did a heel slide, removed one sesamoid bone, and fixed my tailors bunion. this surgery was over four months ago, and I am still in pain. I am having pain at the ball of my foot, where the sesamoid bone is. I feel like I am walking on the bone, like the bone is the first thing hitting the floor, it is extremly painful. I had this same problem after my first surgery and now after the second it is still there. Also my toes to do not touch the floor, the 3rd-5th are starting to touch, by the second and first have a long way to go. I feel like the first metatarsal is "up higher" than the rest of my foot and that is forcing me to walk on the outside of my foot. I am still limping a lot, and I can not wear any shoes except sneakers, and they are not comfortable. And when I do walk normal it feels very weird, like I am twisting my ankle or something. I don't know what to think, I really just want the pain to go away. Do your toes touch the floor at all. thank you for your response.

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