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[QUOTE=Janesfoot;3627120]I'm writing to find out information about sesamoid fractures and pain in other parts of the foot/ankle. My husband had been diagnosed with sesamoiditis approximately a year and a half ago. In the mean time, I had my own foot issues and joined this board. After orthotics and painful cortisone injections, my husband sought a second opinion. New x-rays revealed his sesamoid on his left foot was fractured. His new pod made new orthotics which my husband started wearing two weeks ago. Now his ankle hurts and is swollen, though he had no injury to the site. My husband is trying to avoid surgery, though I was hoping my own experience (7 weeks post-op double bunionectomy on right foot) would encourage him that surgery may be helpful. From reading various threads I have noticed that often people have tendon issues along with bone/structural issues, which is my concern regarding my husband's new symptom. I have also read that orthotics can have their own side effects due to making the feet/body walk in a new way. I advised him to see his doctor this week, but he is a wee bit stubborn.
I would appreciate any thoughts or ideas about his foot issues. Thanks.[/QUOTE]

My situation is similar. 01-2007 while in Physical Therapy for LF 2nd toe amputation, and partial Plantar Plate removed due to scar tissue the therapist had me do a impact exercise that caused intense pain in my RF if you can believe that. Went back to DR and he asked "What are you doing here, you should be in PT for your LF". He could not believe it when I told him. He was....*issed at the therapist. After a MRI, result was "Sesmoiditis VS Fracture". Meaning, they dont know. So began 1.5 years of Conservative treatments as your husbands and also the discontinuing of my life. I was unable to bear any weight whatsoever on either ball of foot. What a nightmare. And I considered myself an Athlete at the time. I've been riding a couch for the last 2 years now. I had a new MRI last month and DR said its definitely a "Tibial Fractured" and dying.

Tomorrow, Mon, 8-11 is my sesmoidectomy. I have had 18 months to read every piece of free literature, Blogs, and clinical data I could find and all indications are this can be a positive outcome. Outcome in terms of pain free, able to go walking, to the grocery store, ride a bike.
I would say this;

Encourage your husband to find both a DPM and a MD that has performed this very procedure many times and consult with them for their opinion as well as your feeling of them.
Its about 3 months before your given the green light to attempt resuming normal activity.

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