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Hello Flagg,

I am now 6 mos out from my Keller Bunionectomy. At this time I have very little pain but the toe is still somewhat swollen and it is shorter. I also get some weird needles and pins feeling in my toe which I understand are nerves regenerating. I remember when the bandages were off and I was starting to get into shoes, when I walked around I could feel the toe flopping a bit as I walked. I don't have this feeling anymore as my toe is almost immobile. The only part that moves is the little joint near the nail bed. As a result of this I find I am walking more on the outside of my foot which does throw off my gait some. I am only comfortable walking about 40 minutes, tops.

My surgery was done up north where I spend my summer months and I am now in Fla. When I came down here I was only 3 mos post op so I missed the opportunity to resolve this problem. I did speak with my Dr. and he said he would recommend a cortisone injection followed with ROM exercises. He also told me this rigidity can be a side effect of the procedure. It happens.

For the time being I have decided not to seek care down here. I had several opinions and all recommended either an implant or a fusion and I didn't want either of them. In reality, what I have now is sort of a natural fusion. My Dr. also told me it can take up to a full year for complete recovery....I am 66 so maybe my age has something to do with it......;)

I will be curious to hear whether your Dr. recommends any PT for you. Mine did, but didn't push it when I wimmped out because of the pain. Thinking back, maybe that is why my joint has stiffened up.

Please update me on your recovery. I am eager to hear how you make out.

Happy Haolidays :wave:

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