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Hi Palindrome17 - I had a Lapidus bunionectomy done 2 years ago. You are right, everyone is different. I was out of work with my foot elevated for 2 weeks. Then I was able to use a rocker boot but I still needed the crutches. Basically I was non-weightbearing for 8 weeks total.

You will really have to listen to the advise of your surgeon. The more you can keep your foot elevated the less the swelling and the better the recovery. It will also depend on how soon you can put some weight on your foot. You will need a shower boot to cover your foot/leg. In a dorm it might not be so easy, but at home I found a shower chair was my lifesaver. Also going from class to class with crutches and a backpack may be a little tricky. You might want to see if you school has any means of transporting disabled students.

Good luck and keep us posted on your progess.

Mary in NY

PS - my surgery and recovery was not as bad as I anticipated and I'm actually having the same procedure done on my left foot Oct 3rd. So don't let the "scary stories" scare you. You will be fine.

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