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I haven't been to these boards in a long time! Well, I guess I'm back. Anyway, I have a problem.

About a year ago, I broke my foot (5th metatarsal on my left foot) pretty badly. I had a knee-high cast on for two months and then an ankle-high cast on for a month or so. Maybe more, I don't remember. It healed okay according to my foot doctor (well, as well as can be expected... I was dumb and didn't know it was broken for a while). The x-rays still looked nasty to me, but I'm no expert.

The other day, I wore some really high high heels to work for 5 hours. It was so stupid of me. They hurt my feet TREMENDOUSLY. The next day, I started noticing some numbness in my two little toes on my left foot. Today, I feel like there is some kind of "knot" on the bottom of my foot and my toes are seriously numb and kinda "floppy" when I walk" The "knot" hurts when my foot is in a shoe.

I scheduled an appointment with my foot doctor for tomorrow, but wonder if I should go to work tonight. Definitely won't be wearing high heels ;) At this point nothing feels good on my foot though!

A little nervous,

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