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So I've been doing fairly well since the surgery and I am scheduled for the next follow up with the doc on the 3rd. But the other day I started getting a strange "pulling" feeling on the bottom of my foot towards the back. Actually it is kind of close to the arch. I was given permission to walk on my heel and I'm just wondering if it is something that might have happened because of that or if it is something else.

Anyone have any ideas? It doesn't hurt and it doesn't "pull" all the time. But it is irritating when it does.
Wow! Good for you that you are already allowed to walk on your heel! Are you in a boot or are you saying you have no protection and are walking barefooted? It might be plantar fasciiitis. Does it hurt when you first walk on it after getting out of bed in the morning or after resting with your foot up? Does it hurt underneath right where the heel meets the beginning of the arch? If you are in a boot or barefoot, it could be PF. A slight heel lift might help or you might have to work on stretching the plantar fascia since your foot has not been active for a while.

I am a few weeks behind you. I am at 5 weeks (2 weeks with post op splint and 3 weeks hard cast with 2 more weeks NWB in the cast to go). I am on the slow track for safety sake as I am notoriously slow to heal. I had a 1st MTP fusion, 2nd metatarsal shortening osteotomy, flexor tendon transfer and gastrocnemius recession. Hopefully I will progress to a boot the second week of November. I had the other foot done two years ago but it took three attempts and I can still remember the plantar fascia being SO tight when I started walking again. :( It's a little difficult to put a slight heel cup in the boot or a shoe as it puts more pressure on the big toe. When you see the doc, you might want to see if there is anything he suggests to help stretch out the plantar fascia. Good luck with your continued healing!:D Sophie:angel:
I spent the first two weeks in a cast of sorts. Then I was moved to a post op boot. At that time he told me I needed to have the boot on 75% of the time and elevated 50% of the time. He also told me that I could walk on my heel with the boot, walk with the boot off (but on crutches) or boot and crutches. I've been following that for the most part. Sometimes I'll go to the front door to get the mail out of the box without the boot or crutches. But other than that, I pretty much listen to what he told me. Last week the condition of my house was getting on my nerves so bad that I walked on my heel with the boot on long enough to put away groceries that had been sitting in the bags for weeks and vaccumed the whole house. Boy did I regret that! My ankle really hurt after that. Then a few days later this pulling thing started. It doesn't hurt at all. It just feels weird! It is pulling right where the heel and the arch meet.

When I go see the doc again Monday (based on what he said the last time), I expect for him to say another four weeks in a boot and NWB before he gives me the go ahead to start putting weight on it. He said before that it would be a full 12 weeks of NWB. So I have another five weeks to go for that.

At this point it is still swelling if I have it down for too long. And now that it is getting colder out, it seems to be hurting a little more. Most days I can deal with that though.

Thanks for your input. I will be sure to bring it up when I talk to the doc on Monday.
Stitcher, Watch what you say to the doc or at least be honest with him about what you have been doing.

[QUOTE]When I go see the doc again Monday (based on what he said the last time), I expect for him to say another four weeks in a boot and NWB before he gives me the go ahead to start putting weight on it. He said before that it would be a full 12 weeks of NWB.[/QUOTE]

NWB is NWB and that always means NO weight whatsoever on the foot. PWB (partial weightbearing) is what you have been doing and that is not coinciding with what you say the doctor requested. I have never heard of anybody being NWB and allowed to heel walk....WITH or without crutches? :confused: I guess every doc is different and explains things a different way.

I asked if maybe I could go to the gym and sit on a bike and put the casted foot on the pedal but push only with the other foot.....hahaha! My doc said NO WAY!! ABSOLUTELY NO WEIGHT WHATSOEVER......including heel walking (or resting the foot on the ground) which I can't do anyway with this type of cast on.

Have you had any xrays yet? What sort of hardware do you have? I have a titanium plate and 5 screws with an additional screw through the joint in a different direction. I don't think there is any way possible that will not hold!;)

I hope you have a good visit on Monday. Sophie:angel:
He actually said NWB on the front of the foot. But I guess it would actually be partial weight bearing , but on the heal only. My hubby was there and heard it too. I did have x-rays at my last appointment which was two weeks post op. I know there is a plate in there. I don't know how many screws there are. The x-rays didn't show the right view for that. And the doc only said about a plate. But I am going to ask when I go on Monday.
to start off i had a big toe fusion just a little over 8weeks ago and i have been wieght bearing for a week. with no cane not crutches nothing. i can go almost a whole day before feeling the soreness, my bones look great (doc was impressed that i was actaully in a shoe) so just remember different docs do different things.

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