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Hi - I've been reading up on these boards and very surprised to see all who've been down this road. About 3-4 years ago I noticed stiffness (inflexiblity) in my left big toe. At the time I was running a good bit & figured I injured it & it would get better. After it got worse & the bump bigger on top of the joint, I saw 3 docs - 2 podiatrists & 1 orthopedic...all different opinions for treatment of course. I have late stage 3/stage 4 hallux rigidus. Pod 1 says do the osteotomy pretty soon to avoid fusion. Orthopedic says osteotomies are for bunions and won't work & to just wait until it's bad enough & do fusion. Pod 2 said it should be my decision - but there is high probability that osteotomy won't work because it's stage 4. I hate the idea of having a fusion (because of recovery time, stiff toe, no hi heels, etc) if I can prevent it - but at the same time don't want to have osteotomy & then fusion if it doesn't work. None of the doctors have mentioned a Keller bunionectomy, which I read about on this thread somewhere.....

To make matters worse, my other toe is heading the same direction. It's about stage 1 or 2, and both podiatrists say it's a good candidate for osteotomy. I'm 43 & pretty active...would love to get back to running which I don't do much because I'm working much. Thanks in advance!!

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