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Hey Dav062,

I think it will gradually go away. I had surgery 10 months ago and still have numbness but a lot has improved. The whole top of my foot, all my toes were numb for about 5 months and then they started to revive. I also got the burning, electricity which bothered me the most in my big toe. Taking pain medication helped the burning feeling. My OS says it can take up to 18 months for this to resolve but I bet yours will in a few months. I do think there can be many side effects from the tourniquet and nerve blocks they do during surgery. They rarely tell you about the risks of these procedures which are done by the anesthesiologist. So the surgeons feel like [I]they've[/I] done nothing to injure nerves and brush it off. But it's a big deal and very annoying/painful. Now my big toe gets itchy sometimes as it still has very slight numbness but all the electricity is gone. So 6 weeks out is early - give it so more time.

Abby :)

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